Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Taking a leap of faith......

In my life I have taken two big leaps of faith: the first was when I walked out of my marriage of 15 years. This was no easy leap since I had a son, Peter who was 9, and a daughter, Lynda, who was 13 when I left home. The second leap of faith came a few years later when I left a career of 10 years to follow the calling of my heart.

Both of these choices seem absolutlely right, from my point of view. Regarding the first leap, I have a great relationship with two children, mainly due to the challenges and lessons that have shaped me over recent years. They now have a father that had the courage to follow his heart rather than one who chose the easy path. Regarding the second leap, I now work in a field that I totally love. It feels more like play than work. And I get to meet great people who are on the cutting edge of their own lives.

Somehow I get the feeling that I am heading for another leap of faith. I cannot see the form of it yet, and I know it has something to do with my journey around prosperity. When I decided to write about prosperity I was terrified. Issues around money have always been a great challenge in my life. When I started giving talks and running workshops on 'Freeing the Spirit of Money' I was even more scared. This journey has brought many gifts and many challenges. And I have the feeling that more is to come. Lately I have been sitting bolt upright in the middle of the night, awakened by a sensation of trepidation. Some big change is coming, I can feel it. There is a familiar feel of both fear and excitement. When I share this with friends they laugh!

Now things are going brilliantly, I am developing a coaching business and clients are coming. Doors are opening for the workshops I am running. I have been asked along to the Mind Body Spirit Exhibition in London, and I have also been invited to run a retreat in Findhorn, Scotland. This is both great and scary. I am amazed at how success can seem so scary?

Sunday, 28 January 2007

This is a forum for cutting edge ideas.

This is my first entry on this blog. My intention in starting this blog is to create a forum for some of the best ideas around on the being and doings of prosperity. What I mean is that I want to collect people's thinking and tried strategies on creating inner and outer abundance. Sound good?