Sunday, 18 November 2007

Miracles Rather than Adversity....

Here is an amazing story I received the other day that highlights the power of miracles over adversity:

"Dear Steve.
I hope you are well. I felt that I had to contact you, after you sent me the email about asking the Universe for help. My daughter's friend said she had gotten her a ticket to her favourite band who were in concert last night. At the last week, her friend admitted she hadn't got her a ticket and my daughter was very upset, as you can imagine! We managed to find her a ticket on the night before the concert and it was to be sent via registered mail. We found the card by Royal Mail saying they had called round but no one was in, but we were. Anyway, by the time I raced down to the sorting office, it was closed. I wanted to cry! But as I'm an EFT practitioner, I tapped on myself and surrogately on my daughters disappointment.
We went to the venue, hoping if I took proof of purchase and payment then they could sort out a ticket for my daughter but they wouldn't. She was so upset. As we were standing there trying to find another way. I had faith that something would turn up and my daughter would get in, even though I couldn't see how, but I consoled myself with I didn't need to know how, just trust that there would be a solution.
Suddenly a couple just "appeared" in front of us, asking if we wanted a ticket. I thought they were selling them. My daughter eagerly said yes, but instead of selling them to us, they invited us to join them in their VIP box because the other two people hadn't turned up!
What a miracle! My daughter was on cloud nine. We ate with them and had champagne and there was no waiting outside in the cold queuing up.
What a fantastic magical Universe. All you need is faith and trust that whatever is for our highest good will manifest if we can keep our connection with the Universe even when it feels that its all against you.
With love and light

Steve Nobel