Saturday, 25 August 2007


Here is a beautiful poem I recieved from Susan Castillo (who receives the daily prosperity thoughts):


I bless the plains for without them there could be no mountains.
I bless the shadows for they have made me feel the warmth of sunlight.
I bless want for it has taught me how to share abundance.
I bless fear for without it courage would mean nothing.
I bless the moments of grief and loss for they have made me learn to cherish joy.

I bless the Universe.
All passes
I bless it in its passing.

All endures
I bless it in its oneness.

Susan Castillo

Monday, 20 August 2007

Another Thank You.....

I received this today:

"Hi Steve, I just wanted to thank you and Ursula for the workshops I experienced with you at Big Green. Both myself and my family had a lot of fun! (Although to be honest the children have fun no matter what they do). It was very good of you to be so inclusive with them though. I really appreciated that. I also wanted to thank you for a number of your comments outside of the workshops. They all went in. Thank you. :)
Much Love, Anita"

Thanks Again......

I received this today:

"Dear Steve
Many thanks for your internet support...and your book. I have also attended
2 of the sessions at Neal's Yard. I have recently made some very radical changes to my life which have been helped along by your input & also by the changes made by completing my Reiki Master/ Teacher training.
I recently took an enormous leap of faith & have taken early retirement after a working lifetime in the NHS. On Sept 1st, I fly to Tanzania, where I will be volunteering till Christmas, doing HIV awareness training & starting some women's & teenagers support groups, in the Masai village that will be "home". It's 1/2 way up a mountain with no electricity, but sounds great.(to
me!) I have also found .......although I think it found me! some Reiki work in the Scilly Isles next year, which is very exciting, as it is one of my very favourite, & very healing places to be.
When I gave my notice in, none of this was in place, but happened completely effortlessly, almost straight afterwards.

Just thought you & David may like some feedback.
Thanks again

Thursday, 16 August 2007

Abundant Relationships......

Money is Not the Real Issue - In my coaching practise I find that many people do not feel abundant because they fixate on a problem such as a lack of money. Lack of money never stops anyone living an abundant life. the real issue is usually a lack of vision, direction, self-belief, motivation or support.
Blessings Flow to You - When it comes to receiving any good thing, gift or blessings it is worth taking a look at the quality of your friendships, and relationships. This is because blessings and gifts flow to you through your relationships. A boss may promote you, a stranger may surprise you, a relative may support you. A person may give you a moment of love, joy or passion that stays with you a lifetime.
Being Fortunate - Your relationships determine how good things flow to you. There was some research made into luck some years ago by psychologist Richard Wiseman. Firstly he found that lucky people feel more motivated to pursue and achieve their dreams and ambitions. And just as importantly he found that lucky people tend to enjoy meeting and connecting with people, use inviting body language, tend to smile and make eye contact alot and initiate conversations enabling them to create strong network of friendships. All of this optimises the chance of a fortunate encounter.
You Can Network- You can open to greater fortune by improving the quality and the quantity of your connections. In my own life I have learnt the power of networking successfully with other people. Networking is definately a skill that can be learnt. Finding a group that supports you networking is a great resource.
You Can Learn to Receive – Learning to receive is a skill that most people do not know. Most people know about giving because we are taught to give. Yet if you are not open to receiving you will block the flow of things and experiences coming to you. A quick way to be open is to look out for blessings, appreciate them and say thank you when they arrive.
Time for a Review? - When it comes to friendships do you feel encouraged and supported by others to head in the direction of your desires and dreams or do you feel discouraged or criticised? Since relationships are so important if it is the latter perhaps it is time to review your relationships!

Blessings, Steve

Money - Good or Bad???

Here is a message I received today on MySpace:

I saw you put in a friends request and I went and took a gander at your page. I have to tell you sir I have no interest in grand prosperity. That is what is wrong with the world today. Every one is money hungry. They don't care who they hurt as long as they get what they want. They are all slaves to the almighty dollar. Even willing to kill children for it and all manners of evil in between unburdened by it. For me enlightenment isn't about getting rich. It is about Love and peace and happiness.It is about oneness with all. Not getting more and having more then the Joneses. Bless you Rose

(My reply) Dear Rose,
Many thanks for your response. I would not argue that the world is by and large driven by greed and ignorance in pursuit of more. What I would say is that the universe is naturally abundant and giving. Wouldn't it be nice if humanity adopted a similar outlook. I say that abundance is a great aspect of joyful living on the planet. In my mind there are no sharp divides between the good and godly poor and the bad and sinful rich. I believe this is a rather outdated way of thinking.

Dear Rose,
I know many generous wealthy people making a difference on the planet, and many poor people stuck in victim mentality simply adding to the suffering and stress around the globe. Of course there are also many greedy wealthy people and many noble poor people seeking to make the world a better place. I am not advocating money for its sake alone. Money makes a great servant yet a poor master. At a metaphysical level money is simply energy. It is neither good nor bad. It is the level of consciousness and the intent behind its use that makes it useful or harmful for the planet.

I am all for love, peace and happiness and I am certainly into Oneness. However, I see that the harm across the planet will not be rectified by prayer and good intentions alone. What the world needs is a different consciousness around money, and material success. I very much liked the old adage of Celtic Kings..."I rule to serve". I think the same attitude could be applied to mastering money.Anyway, just wanted to answer your message and I hope you now do not think I am interested in persuading people to kill, enslave or harm anyone.Blessings to you.

Blessings, Steve

Busyness can be an Avoidance of Prosperity....

Would you like to know a big resistance in life? Busyness! This is the tendency to fill up your day with things to do. Busyness is a constant checklist of things that need doing. Busyness leaves no space for real living. Busyness is a habit that squeezes the joy from life. At the core of busyness is the idea that people will only love you for what you do rather than for who you are. Would you like to know an antidote for busyness? Yes of course it's obvious and simple. And it is the hardest thing to do in the world if you are a workaholic. Practise more being and less doing. Also affirm to yourself on a daily basis that you are loveable for who you are not what you do.

Blessings, Steve

Another Grateful Customer..........

Another grateful customer:

Dear Steve,
Thank you once again. These prosperity thoughts are helping in a slow but sure step by step kind of way, so thank you. When I zoned into to you guys, I was on the verge of bankruptcy and my career as a film maker about to crash. Since then I got bailed out as in the former and got help to shoot more of the later. Now my faith has to increase just a little bit more to attract or connect with right source to shoot rest of the movie. Thanks Maeve"

Blessings, Steve

Monday, 6 August 2007

Inspiration Does Make a Difference..........

"Dear Steve, each of your daily messages found a place in my heart and being and changed my live. I am able do finish my book now in such a joyful way, my long lasting almost killing wounds are healing. I would love to speak with you. Sunny greatings from Mallorca and thank you so much. Brigitt"