Wednesday, 28 February 2007

I Love the Book

"Hi Steve I am over half way through your book on Prosperity and have to say its one of the most grounded, and practical books I have read on the subject! (Believe me I have read a few -including the secret) As a counsellor and a medium passionately interested in spiritual development I feel you have got the right mix. After all the information needs to be practical!! - Gillian"

Off to Havana!!!!

"Just wanted to let you know this prosperity thing is working already. I have wanted to go to Cuba for ages, before Fidel dies, and have been panicing recently as it looks like he could go any minute. I decided at the beginning of the month that I would go but I didnt know how as I was skint. On Valentines day I received a cheque for enough and a bit more to go. Hooray! So I'm off to Havana for a couple of weeks. I will miss the next prosperity workshop which is a shame but maybe you could let me know what exercises you do in it? Thank you thank you thank you
Natasha x"

The Killer Critic

Perhaps the biggest allies of scarcity consciousness are self-doubt, guilt and self-attack. Well we have to start soemwhere so let's take on self-attack. You will no doubt have grown up with an inner critic that speaks to you 24/7 about what is wrong with you. Perhaps you were lucky and developed a mildly critical sub-personality, perhaps not. If you were really unlucky you have with you now a killer critic that puts you down with tremendous force. Well the good news is that the critic can be re-programmed. If you have a killer critic you can change it, in time, into an ally. Today how about reflecting on your best three qualities. 'Impossible' says your inner critic. 'Very possible' says your Higher Self.

Being One with the Tao

There is a (true) story of a Westerner who visited a remote Chinese village that was suffering from extended drought. Although many prayers had been offered to end the drought nothing had worked. The people were desperate and so they sent to a remote area for a well respected rainmaker. Soon a wizened old man arrived in a cart. He alighted, sniffed the air and asked for a cottage at the outskirts of the village. He insisted that he not be disturbed and that his food be left outside his door. For three days the old man stayed alone in the cottage, and then the village awoke to a downpour of rain mixed with snow which was unheard of that time of year. The Westerner was greatly impressed and spoke with the old man. “So you can make it rain?” The old man replied “Of course I cannot.” “But there was a persistent drought until you came,” the Westerner objected. “Oh, that is something quite different. I come from a region where everything is in order, it rains when it should and it is fine when it is needed, and the people are also in order and in themselves. But that was not the case with the people here; they were out of Tao and out of themselves. I was at once affected when I arrived, so I had to be quite alone until I was once more with the Tao and then it naturally rained.”

Advice - Fear and the Law of Attraction

"Hi Steve, We met at the event in neals yard a few weeks ago. I am the guy who works in the City and owns a wine bar if that helps to jog your memory.I know we don't have a coaching relationship but I wanted to ask your advice on something, so feel free to answer or not as you will! I am struggling with the business at the moment, things are not going well, bills are mounting and there is a constant stream of problems/issues that I have to deal with. At the same time I am really under the cosh (ie busy with my city job). I really want an investor to come on board at the bar to put some working capital in and shoulder some of the responsibility of running it.The real issue is that I am gripped by fear over the whole thing now to the extent that I can feel it in my stomach, and even though I can see and understand the Law of Attraction playing out in all of its perfection, I can't seem to shift out of that pattern. Do you have any quick advice for dealing with and overcoming fear in a situation like this? Many thanks for any advice you can offer. Phil"

"Dear Phil, Sounds like you are overwhelmed which makes it harder to harder to transform small fears before they become big fears. When we are juggling with too many issues then the danger is that they all collapse. Understanding the law of attraction will not really help in this situation. All it will do is make you worry that your worry is going to attract bad stuff to you. When you sort things out and get into an even space then you can start putting some energy into attracting more of what you want.

What you need to find is practical ways to alleviate the burden you are feeling. If we were in a coaching relationship I would encourage you to explore whether there was a deeper pattern behind getting into overwhelm. Usually there is some childhood pattern that just keeps playing out in adulthood. Something like you felt responsible at some level for the happiness of your family. That kind of thing. I would say that finding some way to lighten your load and at the same time keep the essential things going seems the core issue. I would also get you to look at your immediate options. Is there a temporary solution that will patch things up until a more permanent solution could be found. Perhaps you could offer someone a share in your Bar business for managing all the day to day stuff and promoting the business that would free up some of your time to focus on handling your immediate concerns in your day job.

The other way out is that all the balls fall and you get to be in a different reality.This is perhaps not the ideal solution but it is one way through an overwhelming situation.

If we were in a coaching relationship beyond your immediate practical concerns I would then be encouraging you to explore what you really want to do with your life. Perhaps your existing way of earning money is not what you really want to be doing. Not sure if this is helpful but is the best I can do at a distance. Blessings Steve"

Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Devilishly Good!!!

Steve says: "Prosperity is not necessarily about living an easy life. Prosperity will call you to go towards the edge of limitation and also possibility. This makes prosperity into the way of the hero. Fancy a little trek into uncharted territory? Go on, I dare you. "

Hana replies: Dear Steve,
I'm sorry but I have to say this again - your quotes really turn me on!!!:)))))))
I mean this in the nicest possible way - its in the spirit of this last one : "fancy a little trek...? Go on, I dare you.." You are quite devilish in your remarks, you know?:)))))
I have been enjoying many amazing changes in my life in the last few months, something Id call "turning up my vibrational rate" in the new age speak. This includes going from a well ingrained poverty consciousness to being open to something quite extraordinary...
I wanted to again express my gratitude for your e-course and the daily thoughts, which I'm loving and valuing highly:)
Best wishes showered in prosperous and luscious energy,
xx Hana

Monday, 26 February 2007

How We Resist Abundant Living

In my book The Prosperity Game I have identified 21 core forms of resistance that prevents us from moving forward in the directions of our dreams. There are probably more but these will give you some idea of what internal resistance is all about:

1. Over Achieving – Fixating on a goal and forgetting that life is a journey. This is where life gets a bit like a tick box of things to achieve experience or accumulate. This kind of living means plenty of doing and very little being. This tendency drives the rat race and leads to achieving at any cost, usually ending in burn out.

2. Anxiety – A dwelling on problems and worst case scenarios. This is not only depressing it stops any real feeling for what is actually going on in a situation. It is possible to worry about anything even worrying about worrying too much. This type of thinking is a kind of loop with no seeming way out. After a while it will adversely impact on our confidence, health and self-esteem.

3. Approval – This tendency prevents free being, thinking and doing. It creates a pleasing kind of behaviour which ties us into what others think. This leads to conformity, where we behave, dress, think, and speak, according to other people’s standards or values. We may feel afraid of straying too far from the herd and seek safety in numbers.

4. Busyness – This is the tendency to fill up the day with things to do. Busyness leaves no space for change. Busyness is an avoidance of real living. It is a habit that squeezes the joy from life. At the core of busyness is the idea that people only love me for what I do rather than who I am.

5. Clinging – This is a tendency to hold onto the past no matter how painful or difficult it is. Often people confuse holding on with love. Clinging is a childlike reaction and a malingering. As children we may clutch mother’s skirt when we are afraid but as adults it is a rather poor strategy. Clinging is an avoidance of the present moment.

6. Comparison – This is a tendency to make value judgements in terms of good and bad, right and wrong. We may compare our behaviour, achievements, relationships, status, dress sense, earnings the list is endless. This produces feeling better or less than other people. It fuels the ‘keeping up with the Jones’s’ mentality. Comparison is a joyless way to live.

7. Complacency – This is a tendency based on the view that success or failure continues or goes away on its own. Complacency has no sense of responsibility, no urgency to act. Complacency means we do not really see reality. It is a killer and many an individual or company has slipped under because of complacency.

8. Complaining – This is a tendency of seeking to get needs met through pointing out mistakes and problems. Complaining seeks compensation, and it tends to drain vital energy for the person doing it and also for the people hearing it. Scarcity rewards the loudest or the weakest. Scarcity rewards complaining. Complaining is painful. It keeps us stuck thinking about the things we do not like.

9. Control – Control manifests internally and externally. Internal control is about the repression of certain thoughts and feelings. External control is about creating and sustaining rules and regulations for how other people should behave. Control creates unnecessary complexity. Control freaks cannot bear disorder or chaos of any kind; it threatens their sense and need for order and stability. Control is a painful aspect of perfectionism.

10. Disappointment – This is a dwelling on all the mistakes, pain or traumas of the past. It is a holding onto the past with tremendous force. Disappointment is a resistance to living truly in the present or looking to the future. Wherever we have felt our heart broken by what other people did or did not do and we will resist moving forward out of fear of it happening again.

11. Guilt – This is the tendency to feel bad because of past mistakes. Sometimes guilt arises for no apparent reason other than the feeling of being guilty for just being alive. Guilt offers no solutions to past mistakes and it is a form of self-punishment. Guilt prevents real change from happening. Guilt keeps people locked in feeling valueless.

12. Identity – In the scarcity game we can go into what the spiritual teacher Ram Dass calls ‘somebody training’ where we start to live an illusion of who we think we should be. We become a persona, a mask, a shell and we lose touch with the centre of our naturalness and become locked into a role such as being a boss, a mother, a worker, a student, a coach, a high-flyer, a helpful person, or a drop-out. Identifying with a role means we are not being our authentic selves.

13. Martyrhood – This is the tendency to feel burdened, self-righteous and unappreciated. People in martyr seldom complain about their workload or lot although they may secretly feel very angry and self-pitying. Martyrhood is about suffering pure and simple. Martyrs believe that sacrifice is always noble, that it is right to work hard and wrong to enjoy life too much. Martyrs are good at punishing themselves and others.

14. Power Struggle – This is the tendency to fight for what is right. Competition is a form of power struggle where winning is thought to equal happiness. ‘What we resist persists’. However, people in this dynamic make being right more important than being peaceful or happy. The basic fear is that other people will dominate and we will lose if we do not fight. People get into power struggles over money, obligation, roles, sex, time, agreements and property.

15. Procrastination – This is the tendency to put things off for another day. It can come from being overloaded with too many choices, all equally difficult or unattractive. It can come from having no clear sense of direction or no real feeling of passion for anything. It can come from being motivated in life by too much stick and not enough carrot.

16. Resentment – This is the tendency of feeling forced into doing things. Behind resentment is silent and hidden anger that resists moving forward. Resentment is focusing on what others have done, are doing or are not doing. It prevents a person from escaping the limitations of their past.

#17. Self-Attack – The scarcity game is fiercely critical, it is not pleasant. This creates an inner critic that speaks to us 24/7 about what is wrong about us. This is the tendency to put oneself down with vicious force. This is a self-defence mechanism that seeks to pre-empt other people’s put downs. The idea is if we get in first then it will not hurt so much.

18. Self-Doubt – This is the tendency to create limiting thoughts around why things always go badly, why people should not be trusted and ultimately why we cannot be trusted. Self-doubt leads to a scattering of our energy and non-action. Self-doubt is the great destroyer of faith and trust, and self-belief.

19. Self-Sabotage – Self-sabotage can come in the form of accidents, drama and incidents. This one is subtle because it can seem that external forces are at work rather than internal self-sabotage. Self-sabotage creates the feeling of being unlucky and flirting with disaster. This is the tendency to trip oneself up in order to stop any moving forward. This is an avoidance of moving forward into greater levels of being successful.

20. Shame – This is a core feeling of being flawed and defective, of feeling bad and dirty, of feeling a deep lack of deserving to be alive. Shame can come from a core sense of abandonment. People who feel deep shame may seek approval and have a disabled sense of autonomy. People who have been shamed may adopt addictive or compulsive behaviour to escape from the core pain of shame. Shame is painful, it is a great destroyer of personal aspirations and dreams.

21. Victimhood – This is the tendency of feeling of being weak and helpless in the face of reality. Victimhood is a dependant way of living based on subtle blackmail and emotional manipulation. Victims present themselves as a burden to other people. They create drama and trauma for themselves and others. Victims are trapped in a pattern that stops then feeling able to take prevents them taking personal responsibility for their lives.

Talking About Fear

If there is one thing I have learnt about fear it is that when I face it and move through it I tend to feel a greater sense of personal power. Fighting with fear does not seem to work. Embracing fear seems to work. Did you know that fear and excitement are very similar? When you face and move through your fear very often it will turn into some form of excitement. How about trying something easy today like talking to a stranger, a telling someone close to you that you love them (could be risky)! Be careful, this facing your fear stuff can get joyfully addictive.

Thursday, 22 February 2007

What is Scarcity Consciousness?

James asks, "What is scarcity consciousness?"

Here is my reply: Scarcity is a scary and invisible world that surrounds us but we do not know it is there. We have to be told about it, we have to open our eyes to it in order to experience it for ourselves. Scarcity is the feeling that there is something wrong with the world. It is an invisible prison forged within the mind and felt within our whole being. Being in this prison means that we can never really be who we are or live our life to its fullest capability. In the scarcity state no amount of money, houses, holidays, or sexual encounters will give a sense of deep fulfilment or lasting happiness. Each purchase or experience gives but a temporary release from its grip.

Most of us have become so infused with scarcity consciousness that we do not recognise it.
Scarcity is a veracious and all pervasive feeling of lack. It comes from the belief that there is not enough in the world. Not enough money, love, happiness….the list is endless. Scarcity has many ways of touching us but perhaps it’s most profound method is through our thinking, feeling and relating to money. Scarcity is a lack of not only money but every resource imaginable. It is a strangulation of living where hope and possibility diminish in favour of security and money.

The word ‘economics’ is derived from the Greek word meaning ‘home’, and the home is where we create, and nurture life. Modern day economics has very little to do with nurturing and a lot to do with theories about managing global resources. These theories have helped move us towards globalisation which is presently threatening the diversity of human culture and the sustainability of life on the planet.

Scarcity is a world of hungry ghosts, starving children and criminal greed. Scarcity finds solace between every couple that argue over money and will inhabit every workplace with a ‘nose to the grindstone’ mentality. Scarcity is found between a rock and a hard place; it is a place of great emptiness, although not in the Zen sense. This kind of emptiness is the feeling of never being fulfilled, satisfied or complete. Scarcity is like a bath with the plug always out, no matter how much water is poured in the bath can never be full. The water just simply runs away.

Scarcity creates a world of debt. Debt is the price we pay for living in a consumerist society that is founded on borrowing. Debt keeps people slaving to maintain their debts and overdrafts. Debt is a black hole that many people fall into and it comes in many ways. Unemployment, bad luck speculating, a failed business, negative equity in the housing market, living beyond your means and so on. Debt affects old and young. Some people prefer to end their lives rather than face their mounting debt.

The Hopi people of North America have the word ‘koyaanisquatsi’ to describe our modern world. The word roughly translates as a ‘world out of balance’. In a world of koyaanisquatsi we have war because of an over-abundance of fear, and greed and a scarcity of compassion, and cooperation between nations. We have global pollution because of over-abundance of get rich quick schemes, corporate greed and a scarcity of consideration and wisdom. We have family squabbles because of an over-abundance of anger, and judgement and a scarcity of love and real empathic communication.

The real issue in the world is not about managing dwindling resources, it is about managing the rampant virus of scarcity that has for too long infected our thinking causing us see a world of not enough instead of a wondrous world of joyful possibility.

Give Yourself a Break!

A therapist friend told me a story about an unhappy client he had. After a couple of years of little progress he asked her whether or not she could remember a time when she had no problems and felt happy. The client thought about it for a moment and replied that she could remember a time a few years back when she had felt happy and problem free for a couple of weeks. Excitedly the therapist asked her what happened. She replied that she could not handle it. When I first heard this I thought it sounded like an extreme example of someone addicted to struggle. Yet I have found that many people, including myself, who are personal growth freaks have a covet belief system running that says growth is not about happiness it is about pain, sacrifice and struggle. Today I am going to give myself a break and enjoy the journey a whole lot more. Want to join me?

Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Money is Not the Real Issue

The trouble with money is not really a question of how much or how little there is of it in the world but how well or poorly it is created, distributed, and put to use in the world. Many people feel they have to lie, cheat and steal for it, or they feel ashamed or guilty about it, or they resent having to sell their soul to have enough of it. We live in a world where there is no shortage of money. Billions of dollars are held in and flow through offshore tax havens. Billions of dollars worth of assets are owned by the top corporations across the world. Every day billions of dollars are moved around the world through the world money markets. There is no shortage of money in the world but this has not decreased the problems we collectively face.

Have you ever had the thought that if you had an unlimited supply of money all your problems would be over? Many people have won a lot of money and far from solving their problems it created a lot more. For instance Evelyn Adams won the New Jersey lottery not just once but twice (1985, 1986) to the tune of $5.4 million. Today she in pennyless and lives in a trailer. William Post won $16.2 million in the Pennsylvania lottery in 1988 but now lives on his Social Security. A former girlfriend successfully sued him for a share of his winnings. His brother was arrested for hiring a hit man to kill him, hoping to inherit a share of the winnings. Post even spent time in jail for firing a gun over the head of a bill collector. Within a year, he was $1 million in debt and he eventually declared bankruptcy. Willie Hurt won $3.1 million in 1989. Two years later he was broke and charged with murder. He had spent his fortune on a divorce and crack cocaine.

So you see money is not the real issue. The real issue is whether or not you are (gently or passionately) sliding into the life you want to live.

Want to hear a Joke?

A woman was told that she had only six months to live
She asked her doctor 'What shall I do?'
'Marry an accountant' was the doctor's advice
'Will that make me live longer?' asked the woman
'No but it will seem longer!’

The Story of King Midas

You know we could learn a thing or two from the story of King Midas. The story holds the powerful moral about the danger of greed. Well you probably know the story, but just in case you need reminding here goes:

Many years ago there lived a king named Midas who was very, very rich and it was said that he had more gold than any other king in the world. The king grew so fond of his gold that he eventually loved it better than anything else in the entire world. His one great wish seemed to be for more and more gold and one day while he was in his gold room counting his money, a beautiful fairy boy stood before him. The boy's face shone with a wonderful light, and in his hand he carried a strange-looking wand.
"Midas, you are the richest man in the world," said the young fairy. "There is no king who has so much gold as you."
"That may be," said the king. "As you see, I have this room full of gold, but I should like much more."
"Are you sure?" asked the fairy.
"I am very sure," answered the king.
"If I should grant you one wish," said the fairy, "would you ask for more gold?"
"If I could have but one wish," said the king, "I would ask that everything I touch should turn to gold."
"Your wish shall be granted," said the fairy. "At sunrise to-morrow morning your slightest touch will turn everything into gold. But I warn you that your gift will not make you happy."
"I will take the risk" said the king.

Well you may say how does this story relate to the modern world. Well for instance the mega-rich have been accumulating fortunes on a scale and pace not seen for close to a century. This trend is not about successful business creation but of increased levels of personal enrichment from speculation and corporate wheeling and dealing. Twenty years ago the average chief executive of a FTSE 100 company earned around 25 times that of an average worker. Today it is closer to 120 times.
It is a strange sign of the times that rewards for failure have become quite commonplace in the corporate world. In the UK agreements that guarantee large payouts to outgoing company executives are known as ‘golden parachutes’. In America they are called ‘golden condoms’ because they protect the executive and screw the company.

So as you can see the Midas mentality is still at work in the world today. Do'nt they teach people anything these days in University?

The Light is Always There!

Here is a message that I posted through the prosperity thoughts email programme a little while back:

"You know I have just got that feeling that today something good is coming your way. Today, I am sure, if you really look for it, you will see at least one thing, one possibility, one latent miracle waiting to happen. When you see it you will wonder how on earth you missed it before!"

And here is Jane's response: "Thanks for e-mail. I pray that is true as life has been more than a little challenging for months now! One gets caught in the dark and forgets that the light is always there even if hidden behind a cloud temporarily!"

If Prosperity Were a Poem

Sandra sent me this email:
"I just wanted to say thank you for your prosperity consciousness course. I learned some profound insights about myself, I feel much more relaxed about money and earning it and I now love meditating/being in silence every day. I channelled a poem for you as a way of saying thank you:

Golden rays
Bright sunlight
Held so gently
Lifted high

Earth beneath you
Stars above
Within and around
Heart of love

We hear your call
You hear our song
Your love, our love
Makes us one

Light exploding
Joyful time
Thank you, bless you
Shining guide"

Handling Guilt

Had an email from Claire saying: "Hi Steve - I took part in your recent teleconference and i still had some questions so I thought I'd email you. It's about debt...I am approx 30K in debt after several years of lack of career direction and very little paid work. I haven't felt consistently 'in the flow' for ages. I moved to London last year to live with my boyfriend and hoped a new change and a new start would bring new opportunities. feels like things are just getting worse though and I'm finding it hard to see a way out. I don't want this situation to carry on any longer, but I feel stuck and unsure what to do. I've recently realised my debt is about guilt - It's as if I've felt guilty about owing my parents back for all the money they spent on my education and I feel like I've let them down through not having all the 'stuff' they said was important - good job, husband, family, pension, owning a home etc. I've recently done a visualisation with a healer friend of mine and started saying the affirmation "I'm innocent" to try and help shift the guilty feelings. I'd be very grateful for any advice / suggestions you could give me at this time to help me move towards openness, flow and prosperity. Many thanks, Claire"

My reply to her was: "Guilt is a great obstacle to moving forward happily and successfully in life. Speaking as a parent, it is the role of a parent to give unconditionally so that my children will feel able to give unconditionally to their children. You have no debt to repay to your parents. Your parents can help you on your way, but any advice as to how you should live your life is counter-productive (as you know). Most parents give such advice out of worry not realizing that all they are doing is imbedding worry into the unconscious of their children. If parents really got this point they would mostly stop doing it.

Guilt creates unhealthy psychic cords between yourself and the other party. Guilt is a tricky one to deal with because sometimes guilt is initiated at a very young age, pre-verbal, and the feeling of guilt can arise for just being alive. That is what makes it so tricky to tackle. Guilt, unlike fear and anger and hatred, has no redeeming aspects. It is a killer pure and simple. Guilt will leave you vulnerable to manipulation. Guilt is sometimes anger and resentment that is hiding out as guilt. It may be anger that you feel you have no right to express. The language of guilt is full of should’s and ought’s.

Be gentle on yourself. Acceptance is a great antidote. Affirmations on innocence sound great. Being more conscious of the feeling of guilt can help, as can counseling, and some forms of meditation. Stop thinking in terms of should or obligation. Sit with the thought that you do not have to live your life according to your parent’s wishes. And that you are not harming them in any way by learning through your mistakes as well as your successes. If they have any upset then that is their responsibility and not yours. You cannot heal your parents; you cannot change them, however, if you heal yourself you will free them to some degree.

Take some time to focus on your dreams, what inspires you, what you enjoy, what brings you peace. The more you do this the less psychic space you will have for guilt.

Also get some support. There are some amazing organsations around for instance I highly recommend the Essence Foundation in London. They do amazing work that could really help in dealing with issues such as guilt."

Inspiration, Money, and Charity

It is no coincidence that some of the highest paid people in the world are in the business of inspiring others, namely film stars, performers, musicians, and singers. For instance the inspirational Oprah Winfrey is not only a multi-million dollar brand, she is someone that has genuinely touched the hearts of millions for nearly two decades.
She is less known for her work through her private charity, The Oprah Winfrey Foundation. Here she has helped to empower women, children and families in the United States and around the world. Her charity has directed millions of dollars toward providing a better education for students who have merit but little means. She also has developed schools to educate thousands of children internationally. Her public charity Oprah's Angel Network has raised millions for non-profit organizations across the globe. As you can see not only is inspiration is big business, but it can also have a heart.

Prosperity and the Theatre

I have been long interested in the theatre. Take for instance the French musical Les Miserables. It was an unlikely project from the stert becauseit was attempting to embrace deeply unfashionable issues on stage - revolution, ideology, suffering, struggle and redemption. Not only that but the co-writers were virtually unknown and had little experience in writing a traditional musical. Despite this in 2005, its 20th anniversary, the total box office sales for the show worldwide amounted to a staggering £1.25 billion. One of the co-writers, Boublil, later commented ‘I was just trying to write something that I liked.’

Saturday, 17 February 2007

The Greater Good of David

David emailed me saying: "Hello Steve, I very often get a lot from visualisation but also find it
very difficult. My desire for abundance is really for the good of all. Giving healing enhancing facilitating, freeing others as well as bland things like paying the rent....what do you suggest...?"

My reply: "Hi David, Abundance for the good of all is a great sentiment, but before you can
create abundance for others it needs to happen for you. Something to think about is what are you really after in life? Some people yearn for freedom, others for creative self-expression, and others for a guiding sense of purpose. So before considering the greater good of all what about the greater good of David?

Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Creative Visualisation

Visualisation works! For instance Sarah knew she wanted to be in the world of theatre from a young age. She was just 12 when she first saw a video of the making of the highly successful play Miss Saigon. She instantly fell in love with the lead part. Being part Philipino and part English she had the right look, but more importantly she had a feeling that the role was right for her, a strong sense of self-belief and trust, and she could see herself playing the part. She daily visualized herself playing the lead role as she sang the songs from the show. A friend somehow managed to get her an audition for the show at the tender age of 14 and she went along and so impressed the director that he told her to come back in a year's time. When she was 17 she landed a part in the London West End show. Two years later she was singing the lead role of Kim in Sweden. Five years later Sarah used the same technique of visualizing what she wanted to get the lead role of Princess Anjuli in the West End show ‘Far Pavilions’. Sarah told me that she was unlike most other actors in that something would inspire her, she would then visualize herself in the part and put 'my face to the part', and go after it with all her energy. Sarah says that ‘these parts felt like they were almost dropped down from heaven for me.’ Sarah is one of those imaginative and magical people that can be found working in the theatre.

If visualisation did this for Sarah, can you imagine what visualisation can do for you?

Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Feedback - The Prosperity Group in London

"I have been meaning to drop you a line to say how much I enjoyed the meeting last Wednesday. I came along open minded and to find if I am supposed to be taking other directions than I am at present.I guess it was a complete shift and also the realisation that I can contribute to other people by assisting their futures. So out of nothing I am looking at using my business counselling/coaching skills. I am therefore now researching and looking what I need to do to make things happen. So many thanks for last Wednesday. I will definitely be coming to the next meeting. From last weeks meeting I gained five cards and contacts and one client. Hope you also found the meeting something very worthwhile." - Christine

Business Can Be Inspiring

When we look around the world we might be forgiven for saying that most business's are truly dull and uninspiring. I have made it a project to search and find what makes a truly inspiring business.
If you want to know about high energy, inspiration and prosperity in a business then look no further than the amazing Cirque du Soleil. They have reinvented what circus through a unique fusion of circus performance, theatrical originality, innovative costumes, and world music. The core message of Cirque du Soleil is that “anything is possible” and “the world can be reimagined and reinvented for the better”.
Cirque du Soleil began with a group of street performers who had a vision and not much else. None of them were business people and in the early days they somehow just made it through crippling financial problems. Now they are a multi-million pound business seen by over 50 million people worldwide.
Cirque du Soleil is about more than being a successful circus business. They are heavily involved in developing the careers of emerging artists. Because they believe the world can be a better place they have created a global project to help lift the self-esteem of street kids in places like Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.
The name Cirque du Soleil came to Guy Laliberte, its founder whilst sitting on a beach in Hawaii watching the sun go down. The name means circus of the sun and Laliberte was inspired by the symbology of the sun because “the sun stands for energy and youth, which is what I thought the circus should be about.”

Truly Wicked!

Today I heard from Hana who says about the prosperity thoughts:
"I just want to say, that I'm loving your daily prosperity thoughts, they are wicked in their lightness and humour which helps it sink in even deeper."

Friday, 9 February 2007

Another Prosperity Hero

I recieved this email from Christine Ann following her completion of the 10-week Prosperity Consciousness: A Hero's Journey e-course:

"This journey so came along for me at just the right time, I was getting myself in a bit of a pickle, divorced last year, 53 no qualifications and quickly running out of money and not knowing what to do to look after myself and my dog.
The exercises about huge money and what would I do with it kept changing and refining as did most of my answers to the questions and as you said in the mail about money not really being the issue.
This has lead to me seeing my basic fears and feelings of separation, fear of lack and lack of trust in the universe and creator but most of all myself. I have seen how I chose my family this time around who reinforced all the negative views of myself.
I have been able to own my gifts and talents, let go of so much guilt and shame I had carried for a long time, really honor myself for the achievements that make up me this time around. And so important I have been able to ask for help in the physical world as well as the Angelic.
I am not sure where it is all going but I am finding the journey exciting whereas before I would have been scared. I feel so much that our journey together has handed back to me trust that was taken from such a young age. I feel a hero I may still have issues that need to be worked out but that’s ok I am great as I am, and honour my journey and so very much honour you and your work."

Another prosperity hero is birthed into the world!

Thursday, 8 February 2007

Opportunities and Blessings

Today I had an email from Alison:

"Hi Steve,
Yes, you are a bringer of good news. I have mad a momentous decision this week and looking forward indeed to the opportunities and blessings coming my way.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
What a beautiful morning, the snow looks so beautiful and so wish I had my camera to hand. Have a wonderful day."

I am beginning to understand just how much this prosperity stuff can infect the collective mindset. As a result of such emails I am thinking about putting a disclaimer on my website saying that I take no responsibility for the miracles you create in your lives as a result of using any of my material or insights.

Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Manifesting Works!

Today Sally emailed me today about a success she has had with manifesting:

"Just had to tell you some things - did a big visualisation with money flying at me from all directions around about a week ago - my father gave me £1000 pounds and the phone hasn't stopped ringing with teaching work. You are right about spending the universe always gives me enough to feed my children and more so when I relax and just go with it".

Just thought you might like to hear this to be reminded that all this stuff does actually work.
Blessings Steve

The Scarcity Mindset in Organisations

I had an email from Pam yesterday in response to her Daily Prosperity Thought. She says:
"That's really strange I was reading your book last night and read that section!!! Also just like to say that I really like the way you mix contemporary and historical fables, rhymes etc." She then goes on to say (I am summarising here) that she works in an organisation that is in a scarcity mindset, with a "competing" and "bullying mindset".
"I am now questioning this and thinking I don't want this and want to assert my values and change approach from one that is based on scarcity to one that is saying we don't agree with this way and wont compete". She then talks about her personal dilemma in this situation, about how she is in a position of responsibility and that she feels responsible for the livlihoods of people working in the organisation.
"I am still reading your book and hope that it will give me the answer I need. Thank you steve."

My response:
"Hi Pam, Many thanks for your email and I'm glad you like the book.
I believe that money will more and more flow to good causes that also feel inspiring. My work at Alternatives has also included reaching out to so called competitors and working cooperatively with many of them. The scarcity mindset does not understand this at all. The question is how can you help your organisation get its message out there in a way that is appealing and inspiring? Fear and fierce competing will not work in the same way as it did in the past. We seem to be sailing in uncertain times, and changes are coming. In the past organisations with a fear based mentality could thrive. More and more that is going to be difficult in the years ahead. Fear and fierce competing will not work in the same way anymore.
I am not sure of your exact situation. I am also not sure of the degree of commitment and passion you have for the organisation you work in. Yet your sense of frustration does come through loud and clear.

My advice is to find time to connect with your own inner wisdom and guidance and ask to be shown the next steps. It may be that your path is to help transform this organisation. However, if you are wasting your time and energy you will feel moved to put your attention elsewhere. Also rather than fighting against the scarcity mindset you need to develop a vision of what could be possible. If the scarcity conversation can be changed then the whole vibe of the organisation will change. You also will need allies in this work. See if you can sound out some people over tea and find out if there is any interest in a different way.
You might want to look at the issue of feeling responsible for the organisation. No matter your position of responsibility, if the organisation does not want to take your lead towards a more positive mindset then it will not, no matter how hard you try. You are not responsible for the collective attitudes in the organisation that continue to shape its destiny.
Hope this helps in some way."

I thought this conversation was worth sharing because it does highlight a common dilemma some people face where their personal values and way of thinking clash with those of the organisation. I have been in this situation a few times. In this situation I ask myself a few questions. Firstly is it right that I seek to impose my values and way of thinking on this organisation. When I worked in International Banking some years ago the answer I came up with was no and so I left. The bank I worked for was a major player in the City, and like most banks it was driven by shareholders who wanted to see an ongoing profit. On the other hand if the answer to that question is yes, then I would ask another question. Is this organisation truly interested in change for the better or not? I say truly because some organisations say they are interested in change, but in practise they are not. Some years ago I worked as a manager in a local authority who spoke about change and improving customer service but where in truth so bogged down in ideology that nothing changed very much.
If the answer to the question is yes, then all well and good. Then it might be worth putting your time and energy to support that change. If the answer is no, then the choice is to either leave and find somewhere better suited to your values and attitudes or to stay and slug it out. If you stay and slug it out you must know that there will be consequences. These consequences may be positive where you win through and come to a new level of personal empowerment. Or they may be negative where you burn out in a useless effort to turn a juggernaut set in its ways.


Monday, 5 February 2007

Manifesting, how do I do it?

Elizabeth sent me an email today saying:

'Hi Steve, I just love your Prosperity Thoughts and Bubbles. The story about your new apartment is very inspiring to me. I wish you oceans of happiness and ever so much abundance and joy to enjoy in your new home. I live in a council flat in Dalston Junction and would love to live in a new home with vibes which resonate with my nature. How do I do it? I read you Prosperity Thoughts often and they are so encouraging for me.
Many thanks and best wishes, Elizabeth'

My reply is as follows:

Hi Eliza,
Thank you for your lovely message.
We lived in a lovely house in Somerford Grove Estate, which is near the Rio cinema, for nearly 5 years. We previously lived in a one bedroom flat near Church Street (which we love). We manifested the house through getting clear on what we wanted, doing some visualizing exercises and prayers to the universe. Then one morning my partner had a dream that told her to go to a particular estate agent. She did and we found that house. After living there for 4 years we felt it was time for a change. We wanted a beautiful place, preferably near a canal or some body of water. We visualized it and also went to look in lots of estate agent windows. We visited a few places although they were way beyond our budget. Then after a few twists and turns eventually the miracle happened and when we found out about this flat we both knew it was for us.

The key to any change is to build up a dream and desire for it. This dream must come from the heart rather than the head. Heartfelt dreams are those in alignment with your soul’s vision for your life. If the dream comes from the head it can be disconnected from your feelings, and your true vision. Then engage the head and begin to visualize the thing or event, even if you cannot yet see how it could happen. You need to have a strong sensory picture or feeling or sense for the vision. The next step is to surrender the vision to the universe. Just let it go. Then take some steps that allow it to come to you. Some things are of course easier to manifest than others. Persistence and perseverance are great keys. Also taking one step at a time, and never giving up.

If you want a great book on manifesting then Gill Edwards ‘Living Magically’ is great as is Esther and Jerry Hicks ‘The Law of Attraction’. If you need support in manifesting I am beginning a prosperity group this coming Wednesday. For more info go to

Go well and happy dreams.