Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Business Can Be Inspiring

When we look around the world we might be forgiven for saying that most business's are truly dull and uninspiring. I have made it a project to search and find what makes a truly inspiring business.
If you want to know about high energy, inspiration and prosperity in a business then look no further than the amazing Cirque du Soleil. They have reinvented what circus through a unique fusion of circus performance, theatrical originality, innovative costumes, and world music. The core message of Cirque du Soleil is that “anything is possible” and “the world can be reimagined and reinvented for the better”.
Cirque du Soleil began with a group of street performers who had a vision and not much else. None of them were business people and in the early days they somehow just made it through crippling financial problems. Now they are a multi-million pound business seen by over 50 million people worldwide.
Cirque du Soleil is about more than being a successful circus business. They are heavily involved in developing the careers of emerging artists. Because they believe the world can be a better place they have created a global project to help lift the self-esteem of street kids in places like Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.
The name Cirque du Soleil came to Guy Laliberte, its founder whilst sitting on a beach in Hawaii watching the sun go down. The name means circus of the sun and Laliberte was inspired by the symbology of the sun because “the sun stands for energy and youth, which is what I thought the circus should be about.”

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