Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Creative Visualisation

Visualisation works! For instance Sarah knew she wanted to be in the world of theatre from a young age. She was just 12 when she first saw a video of the making of the highly successful play Miss Saigon. She instantly fell in love with the lead part. Being part Philipino and part English she had the right look, but more importantly she had a feeling that the role was right for her, a strong sense of self-belief and trust, and she could see herself playing the part. She daily visualized herself playing the lead role as she sang the songs from the show. A friend somehow managed to get her an audition for the show at the tender age of 14 and she went along and so impressed the director that he told her to come back in a year's time. When she was 17 she landed a part in the London West End show. Two years later she was singing the lead role of Kim in Sweden. Five years later Sarah used the same technique of visualizing what she wanted to get the lead role of Princess Anjuli in the West End show ‘Far Pavilions’. Sarah told me that she was unlike most other actors in that something would inspire her, she would then visualize herself in the part and put 'my face to the part', and go after it with all her energy. Sarah says that ‘these parts felt like they were almost dropped down from heaven for me.’ Sarah is one of those imaginative and magical people that can be found working in the theatre.

If visualisation did this for Sarah, can you imagine what visualisation can do for you?

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