Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Advice - Fear and the Law of Attraction

"Hi Steve, We met at the event in neals yard a few weeks ago. I am the guy who works in the City and owns a wine bar if that helps to jog your memory.I know we don't have a coaching relationship but I wanted to ask your advice on something, so feel free to answer or not as you will! I am struggling with the business at the moment, things are not going well, bills are mounting and there is a constant stream of problems/issues that I have to deal with. At the same time I am really under the cosh (ie busy with my city job). I really want an investor to come on board at the bar to put some working capital in and shoulder some of the responsibility of running it.The real issue is that I am gripped by fear over the whole thing now to the extent that I can feel it in my stomach, and even though I can see and understand the Law of Attraction playing out in all of its perfection, I can't seem to shift out of that pattern. Do you have any quick advice for dealing with and overcoming fear in a situation like this? Many thanks for any advice you can offer. Phil"

"Dear Phil, Sounds like you are overwhelmed which makes it harder to harder to transform small fears before they become big fears. When we are juggling with too many issues then the danger is that they all collapse. Understanding the law of attraction will not really help in this situation. All it will do is make you worry that your worry is going to attract bad stuff to you. When you sort things out and get into an even space then you can start putting some energy into attracting more of what you want.

What you need to find is practical ways to alleviate the burden you are feeling. If we were in a coaching relationship I would encourage you to explore whether there was a deeper pattern behind getting into overwhelm. Usually there is some childhood pattern that just keeps playing out in adulthood. Something like you felt responsible at some level for the happiness of your family. That kind of thing. I would say that finding some way to lighten your load and at the same time keep the essential things going seems the core issue. I would also get you to look at your immediate options. Is there a temporary solution that will patch things up until a more permanent solution could be found. Perhaps you could offer someone a share in your Bar business for managing all the day to day stuff and promoting the business that would free up some of your time to focus on handling your immediate concerns in your day job.

The other way out is that all the balls fall and you get to be in a different reality.This is perhaps not the ideal solution but it is one way through an overwhelming situation.

If we were in a coaching relationship beyond your immediate practical concerns I would then be encouraging you to explore what you really want to do with your life. Perhaps your existing way of earning money is not what you really want to be doing. Not sure if this is helpful but is the best I can do at a distance. Blessings Steve"

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