Sunday, 29 April 2007

The Manifesting Power of Your Thoughts.........

Prosperity thought:
"You do not have to slay the dragon of scarcity in order to reach the pinnacle of prosperity. Every day you may have some scarcity thoughts, but do not worry. These thoughts have little real power to cause you any real harm. these thoughts are disconnected from Source and from reality. When you feel connected with Source then your thoughts will have real generative power. One prosperity thought can then ripple out and powerfully touch your world. Sound interesting?"

Sue says:
"Not sure if I agree with this one Steve. I think the opposite is true. It is at odds with a question I need answering: Why is it that you need to repeat the positive many times to make it come true but negative thoughts seem to be more powerful and don’t need as much repetition to materialise! ?

My reply:
"Dear Sue,
It is all about belief. Limiting thoughts are the product of limiting beliefs and visa versa. The challenge is not that limiting ideas have any real strength but that the vast majority of people are influenced by them through the media or really believe in them.
In magical terms if you are working with a positive idea then you are working white magic, you benefit and others do also. If you are working with a negative idea then you are working black magic and the consequences are always that you suffer and other people suffer. In terms of manifesting power I heard a spiritual teacher say this some years ago and I struggled with it. It takes a lot more energy to manifest something negative because it is going against the natural order of the universe. One person working positively in a focused way can transform the scattered negativity of many people.
Just think about an individual that radiated uplifting wisdom, like the Buddha or Christ or Gandhi or Martin Luther King. They all experienced violent opposition but there ideas and wisdom has impacted millions and lasted the test of time. There ideas have been integrated into many cultures. Then take a powerful and charismatic individual who spoke of a more limiting hateful and violent philosophy, like Hitler, Genghis Khan or any other tyrant. They may have touched millions of people with their philosophy of hate but few people believe in that philosophy and no culture that adopted their ideas managed to last very long.
Negativity is a bit like going into the gym and learning how to awaken the light of consciousness. This is a world of polarity and also duality. Polarity is part of the natural order of the universe, light/dark, day/night, male/female. Duality is about the artificial construct of good/bad, right/wrong. This has been set up to help us grow until we no longer need them. In the system of Cabbala there are both angels of qualities and angels of vices. The angels of vices are there to help us appreciate and develop the qualities of real awakening and consciousness. They are part of the great game of 3rd dimensional existence. The natural order of the universe is always towards the evolution of consciousness even when it does not seen so.
Hope this is helpful.
This is just my truth now!!!!

Thursday, 26 April 2007

You Live in a Magical Reality.........

Did you know that you live in a magical reality. This dimension of existence has been set up so that you can receive feedback on your inner world of your attitudes, beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and choices. Your outer world is a mirror for your inner world. For instance this means that when you change or expand one core belief about yourself or your world then your reality will, in time, reflect that inner change. When you change not only do you feel different but the world becomes different. Magic or what?

Tuesday, 24 April 2007

You are the Scriptwriter in this Production......

Steve's prosperity thought:
"Did you know that there is no limit to your potential in this lifetime? Well the only limits are the ones you have accepted as being true. There is no-one out there stopping you, unless you say so. You are the scriptwriter in the production of your life so how about changing your script? Do yourself a favour and edit out some of the boring stuff? Well you can do it this time around or you can wait until the next time around. Your call!"

Diane says:
"I don't believe you Mr Nobel !!!! Yet again when I need confirmation that I've done the right thing I get it! I finally plucked up the courage yesterday to end my struggling relationship instead of battling with the tide I went with the flow which allowed me to end my relationship with much love. I'm lost at the moment, but underneath there is excitement, I now have a blank canvass to do exctly as I choose. I've edited a big part of my book so now I need to go and rewrite my other chapters. Thanks Steve your help is truly truly appreciated.

Friday, 20 April 2007

Pastures New..........

Christine says:
"Dear Steve
I seem to have got to where I should be again and see potential and can create an abundance of ideas, which is really good. Support is always crucial to success. I am leaving my job today and my support has been rewarded by the volunteers with some lovely presents, which was a surprise as I did not expect it. The thank you cards saying thank for support and I also had wit and wisdom. I have thought of a business idea this week, which I hope to get my son involved in as he will need to do something when he returns from his travels.

So next week on to pastures new, which will be good as I will have time to explore, expand other ideas and as I am working from home, will also be able to take ten minutes out to meditate.
Take care

Perhaps I am a Little Mischievous............

Hana says:
"Hello Steve.
I am yet again touched by your messages and just want to share this with you, no need to reply, I can imagine you must get lots of mail and other requests for your attention - Im just expressing gratitude, and wanting you to know what a beautiful thing you are doing..
What touches me, again and again, is the blazing joy and confidence and the mischievous tone in your messages, and how these always arrive with synchronicity, in a perfect moment when their messages goes often well beyond issues of financial prosperity but reaches into those places where we need to expand into the Light and these love-filled thoughts guide us there .
I feel so much compassion in your letters, Love and Light and of course this is served with a teasing humour which opens insiduosly the path into the resistant hearts... I feel you really channel these big, healing and enticing waves of The Great Inspirerer, and I am so eternally grateful for these diamond-like treasures arriving like little angels into my inbox every day.
Lots of Love and dew drops of the Bliss Nectar on You,
xx Hana"

Today You Will See A Different World....

Steve's daily prosperity thought:
"Today you will see a different world, one where you notice all the joy in the world. It does not matter if you have been clinically depressed for years today you will see the light of joy breaking through all your best efforts to keep it out. In this regard 'all resistance is futile', for today you cannot shut out the joy that wants to reveal itself to you. Did you know that joy is a precursor to prosperity? This is because joy will lift your spirits and make you more available to opportunities and miracles. Now with this little secret of prosperity what can possibly stop you? Now may you live long and prosper."

The More You Have the More You Can Share.....

Steve's daily prosperity thought:
"The more you have, the more you can share and support others. The more abundance you allow into your life the more you help others allow abundance into theirs. You are fast becoming a shining light in the world. Yes, I know it has'nt always been easy. I also know that your challenges have helped you mature and grow. They have shaped you into the person you are. I have a hunch that you are ready to expand the light of abundance in your life. Am I right or what?"

Thursday, 19 April 2007

Are You Resisting God/Goddess's Plan for Your Life?

Steve's prosperity thought:
"Do you realise that you live in an abundant world where all your needs and wants are met? Well if not then you are resisting God/Goddess's plan for your life. Boy, you can be stubborn at times. Well would you like to live in a reality of abundance and joy? Yes, I know it is a tough question...OK great. Now consider your thoughts about what is stopping you living in such a reality all the time. Write them down if you like. And with each one ask yourself 'is this true'. For the ones you answer yes ask yourself 'how do I know this is true.' As you whittle away your reasoning for not living in an abundant reality you will find that all or most of your thinking will seem foolish or even ridiculous in the light of your enquiry."

Sue says:
"Hi Steve
Just want to say that of all the insights and messages I get daily yours is the one I never fail to find time to read. THANK YOU
Warmest, Sue"

Tuesday, 17 April 2007

You are always held........

You are a channel for the light. When you are a clear channel this light can flow through you and out into the world. Do not hoard your money for it will clog the channel. Do not think scarcity thoughts for it will begin to shut out the light through a cloud of fear. Stay open to being connected with the light of prosperity that shines through you today. You are always connected with Source energy and so do not concern yourself with petty fears about having enough. Dear friend you are always held and loved in the light. That's the good news, and now for the really good news, when you stabilise yourself in this light of prosperity others around you will feel uplifted and changed in your presence. Neat or what?
Sharon says:
"Dear Steve,
Wow. That was especially moving & wonderful. Thankyou for these daily thoughts which remind me to be present in the moment & to be thankful for all of the wonderful blessings that are bountiful in my life! Thank you for reminding me that in raising myself to consciously hold light & love & prosperity, others around me are also raised up & in turn, like a wave, others who I may never even meet will be likewise affected! What motivation!
Love, Thanks & Blessings to you,
Adeline says:
"Wow it feels as though you are speaking to me Steve, for scarcity thoughts do sometimes cloud my vision and thoughts especially when I have finsihed with clients and there are no new ones on the horizon apart from bills. Please tell me how to stay connected to this light of prosperity. I thank you once again for your patience and advice.
Steve replies:
"Dear Adeline,
Everyone has there own unique way of staying connected to the light. Some people do it through meditation, others through creativity, others through taking time out to walk in nature and others through taking action that engages them with the world. In all things the light shines through us when we are most at peace, most in harmony, most inspired in the world, most in love with another or something greater.
The question is one that only you can answer.

Sunday, 15 April 2007

Stabilising the Vibration of Abundance...........

Life is not about stumbling through your days hoping for a spot of good fortune here and there. Life is an opportunity for you to learn how to create abundance consistently in your life. It is fantastic when you learn how to create the odd miracle. Yet your Higher Self is calling you towards a reality you could call heaven on earth. In this reality where you are stabilised in a constant vibration of abundance.

Friday, 13 April 2007

Living in Scare City..........

In Scare City there is a particular mindset around money:

Being in Survival - the scarcity mindset keeps us worrying about our bills or diminishing savings. It takes our mind away from what we want to with our lives or for others and makes life a bank statement. When we have money we can breathe easy, we have staved the creditors from our door. When we have little money then it is as if the very air we breathe is in short supply. We start to breathe shallowly and focus on all kinds of nightmarish scenarios. We need money to live but linking money to survival keeps us playing very small in life and locked in a prison of our own making.

Power Struggle - In the scarcity mindset money equals power, not the kind that offers greater personal choice and opportunity, buit the kind that seeks more control and manipulation. Parents can manipulate their children and bosses can cajole their workers through the promise of more money or the threat of withdrawing money. Scarcity gives money the power to build or destroy friendships, enhance or crumble self-esteem. It can determine how relationships begin, continue, or end and sustain or topple nations.

The Love of Money - In the scarcity mindset money equals love. A parent can give money as a symbol of love. Some parents give money instead of love. In relationships the amount of money lavished on a partner is for some an indicator of the amount of love in a relationship. Although money can’t buy us love a diamond is still a girl’s best friend. A flashy car may get an ordinary man more sexual attention than he might get otherwise.

Where money buys self-worth. The scarecity mindset is one where we become more worthy the more money we have. The problem is when we spend money we are spending our self-worth. When we gain or lose money we are gaining or losing our self-worth. Our monthly salary then determines how worthy we feel.

Money equals success - In the scarcity mindset money is an indicator of success. The more successful, goes the thinking, the bigger the house, the grander the office, the more stylish the mobile phone and the expensive the clothes the more successful a person is assumed to be. Many not very financially successful people are very good at putting on the show of success.

Scarcity is a game we play where life speeds up. In this mindset we need to move faster and work harder for money. Money is a central issue in many people’s lives, how to get enough of it and how to keep hold of more of it. In this game money is at the centre of our lives. Other meaningful things such as family, friendships and life purpose get shoved to one side. Now is this the game you want to play????

How to Stop Procratinating.....

Samar asks: "I want to know how I can stop proscrastinating and feel great confidence at work and life."

Well I'm sure you will agree, that is quite a question. Here's what I said:
"Dear Samar,
That's quite a question you have asked there. Well here are a few pointers:

There are three principles to bear in mind about effective change:
1. Small changes are easier to commit to than massive leaps;
2. Small changes are easier to instigate and integrate;
2. Small changes add up to incredible change over time.

Also think about the following:
Are you doing things you want to do or are you just keeping busy?
Commit only to things that you have the time for;
Break all tasks into manageable chunks;
Schedule all important tasks into a realistic timetable;
Keep a diary for all appointments or tasks and check daily;
Learn to prioritise, and where necessary delegate;
Set daily and weekly goals;
Learn to say no;
Learn also to change your mind when necessary;
Let go of things that waste your time and energy.

Hope this helps.

Shopping Can Be a Spiritual Experience........

Here is another prosperity thought:
"For centuries material wealth has been seen as incompatible with spiritual awakening and growth. For awhile it was necessary for such a separation but now we do not need to live in a monastery to live a spiritual life nor do we need to deny material blessings. The good news is that you can both meditate and shop until you drop. Perhaps, if you are really enlightened, you will find a way to do both at the same time?"

Sally says:
"Yes you centre on the cavity of the original spirit makes shopping a spiritual experience -funny I haven't bought myself anything much for years and now I understand that its just about staying in the flow -thanks sx"

Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Do Something Perfectly Imperfect........

How about this prosperity thought:
Do not seek perfection in what you do. This will destroy all sense of inner peace. Rather seek imperfection in what you do. Then you can allow your journey to be a little unexpected, and a lot more fun. When you stop trying to do things perfectly then life truly can become a journey of self-discovery. Think it over. Today you could do something perfectly imperfect!

How Inspiring and Refreshing......

Antoinette says:
"I have just got back from holiday in Egypt and so am catching up on all the guiding wisdom of yours that greeted me in my email box. How inspiring and refreshing! Iknow that when I do go within and tap into my intuition, there is so much magic but then lifes events can toss one around and yes it then changes to a struggle! The secret we all know is to stay connected and to maintain it! Thank you for helping me and reminding me of such simple but profound principles.
Love and Light."

Monday, 9 April 2007

On Weekly Guidance..........

Rifa says:
"Thank you Steve for your weekly advice and guidance. Over the last few weeks, the right help has come in the form of business advice, new opportunities, windfalls and healing blockages. I feel the understated calm of these emails has helped me stay on track and keep my attention focused on the long-term and release worry about security and safety.
thanks again."

Friday, 6 April 2007


Diane says:
"Hi Steve
I'm not sure what's happening at the moment or rather I think its the universe getting you to prove things to me. Last week I had really strong feelings of freedom, something which I cherish dearly and something I felt that I had lost over the last few months.. I drove over to see a friend and felt an overwhelming sense of wholeness and freedom. The following day your thought of the day was on freedom!!!!!
My focus this week has been on trust and flow, both of these things have been areas for me to work on for a while now. This week I've totally gone with the flow and trusted the universe to deliver whatever is needed... So what do you do??? Send me two thoughts on flow and trust!
This morning I woke, looked around my flat and thanked God for the wonderful Reiki treatment he helped me to deliver last night, for my guide for his guidance and the universe for all of the good things in my life.
What happened then???? True to form your thought of the day is on saying thankyou.......
Thank you Steve for all of the support which you send you truly have no idea just how much it helps and how much I appreciate it..
Have a wonderful daym
Love and Blessings"

Another Prosperity Hero

On completing the 10-week prosperity course Luci says:
"Well, this is what I've found out about my self.......tie up loose ends.......there's strands going everywhere, damn it. Many thanks. And I have passed you onto friends, and have looked forward to every-day's thoughts and have made a little folio of them..........very inspiring........brilliant."

Thursday, 5 April 2007

Giving and Receiving

Steve's daily prosperity thought:
"Prosperity is about both giving and receiving. If only one activity is engaged with then true prosperity will not arise. Too much giving without receiving leads to self-sacrifice. Too much receiving without giving leads to self-centreness. The real question is can you both give and receive generously at the same time? Giving and receiving are the two poles of the battery. When you feel connected to both you will flow with the current of life."

Christine replies:
"My present job is about sacrifice, hence the reason to escape. Interesting that they are now going to have to employ two people for what I presently do. Contribution and receiving has to be equal. Recently I read one of the Dragon Dens views which particularly struck me. His view was that a manager should support their staff and the staff should support their manager. For
me I have been supporting the manager but do not get support back, which does not work.
Blessings Christine"

Wednesday, 4 April 2007


Steve's prosperity thought:
"Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, a psychology professor from the University of Chicago studied the lives of thousands of people for more than 30 years trying to discover what makes people's lives meaningful and satisfying. From his research he wrote a book called Flow. He says that flow
includes a narrowing of attention, a sense of being absorbed, and a feeling of transcendence. Any activity can lead to flow, playing a game, listening to music, engaging in a love affair or a job. Flow is nothing more than a meditation on life. The million dollar question is what activities in your life lead to flow?"

Diane replies:
"Hi Steve
Now you've really got me thinking! I flow when I dance, I throw myself into my work when I am there, I close off my mind when I go walking, I become absorbed when I'm doing Reiki, I flow when I meditate. This week my focus believe it or not and you probably will is on flowing...
I decided that I won't plan for the Easter Weekend that I will "go with the flow" This is not a natural thing for me to do as historically I would tend to plan for fear of being alone. I have total belief that if I don't want to be alone this weekend then I don't have to and if it's in my best interests to do so then I will find something to throw myself into whether it's going for a walk, writing, or something.
Something has changed this last couple of weeks I'm not sure what but there is definately something different about my feelings. Even the way that you are sending my prosperity thoughts is different. These thoughts are exactly what I'm currently focusing on. Last week my focus was freedom and my appreciation of the freedom which I have in my life and this week it's flowing! If ever I needed confirmation this is it...
Thanks again your support is truly inspirtational
Love and Blessings

Monday, 2 April 2007

The Money is Pouring In......

Dear Steve,
I am not sure if you can access and read replies to your emails, but just in case...
I wanted to thank you for all the emails I have received so far, and in particular for this one which has reminded me how it's OK that I have lived as I have done. And I wanted to let you know that it's not so much the content of the emails you send out as the fact that you are doing it, free of charge, just being the person you have been called to be, and giving what you feel moved to give, and trusting that the Universe will take care of you if you do-- it's all that that has given me that extra bit of courage I needed to start to do the same. Following inner guidance I am in the process of changing the nature of my business in what seemed like an incredibly risky way, and feeling so fulfilled as a result. And for the first time in my life, the money is pouring in, too.
Blessings on you! And enjoy the prosperity you are creating!

Taking an Easier Route.....

Steve's Prosperity Thought to Diane:
"Dear Diane,
Of course, Diane, you probably could have done something entirely different with your life. You could have taken an easier route, and avoided certain things and people, but then you would have missed out on some valuable experiences and life lessons and become an entirely different person. You know, all of your experiences and lessons have set you up for the journey you are about to take. It was the essential prerequisite for the success you are about to experience. I just knew that you would like to know.

Diane's reply:
"Hi Steve
You are absolutely right, I have taken to tough route throughout my life, but I have learned so many lessons along the way and gained so much courage and strength as a result of it.
The penny has finally dropped within me in as far as I now realise that I don't have to suffer to gain happiness. The lessons I have learned have made me a better listener with greater empathy. Over the last couple of weeks I have been able to put total trust in the universe, as always it has delivered exactly what I've asked for. My old friends have reappeared but instead of being bored with the same old conversations I have been in a position to question them and gentle coax them into thinking about the reasons why they feel the way that they do.. I went to a Mind body and spirit fair yesterday and for the first time in my life didn't feel the need to see a clairvoyant, the reason I didn't need to is because I now know that the universe will bring whatever I ask for if the vibrational frequency is right.. I don't need other people to guide me any more I have the answers within...
Steve this is a major turn round in my life, I'm happy and feel safe and loved! You're right I am about to go on a journey... Thank you so much for all of your help and support my life is definateley starting to turn a different corner.
Love and Blessings