Thursday, 19 April 2007

Are You Resisting God/Goddess's Plan for Your Life?

Steve's prosperity thought:
"Do you realise that you live in an abundant world where all your needs and wants are met? Well if not then you are resisting God/Goddess's plan for your life. Boy, you can be stubborn at times. Well would you like to live in a reality of abundance and joy? Yes, I know it is a tough question...OK great. Now consider your thoughts about what is stopping you living in such a reality all the time. Write them down if you like. And with each one ask yourself 'is this true'. For the ones you answer yes ask yourself 'how do I know this is true.' As you whittle away your reasoning for not living in an abundant reality you will find that all or most of your thinking will seem foolish or even ridiculous in the light of your enquiry."

Sue says:
"Hi Steve
Just want to say that of all the insights and messages I get daily yours is the one I never fail to find time to read. THANK YOU
Warmest, Sue"

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