Friday, 20 April 2007

Perhaps I am a Little Mischievous............

Hana says:
"Hello Steve.
I am yet again touched by your messages and just want to share this with you, no need to reply, I can imagine you must get lots of mail and other requests for your attention - Im just expressing gratitude, and wanting you to know what a beautiful thing you are doing..
What touches me, again and again, is the blazing joy and confidence and the mischievous tone in your messages, and how these always arrive with synchronicity, in a perfect moment when their messages goes often well beyond issues of financial prosperity but reaches into those places where we need to expand into the Light and these love-filled thoughts guide us there .
I feel so much compassion in your letters, Love and Light and of course this is served with a teasing humour which opens insiduosly the path into the resistant hearts... I feel you really channel these big, healing and enticing waves of The Great Inspirerer, and I am so eternally grateful for these diamond-like treasures arriving like little angels into my inbox every day.
Lots of Love and dew drops of the Bliss Nectar on You,
xx Hana"

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