Tuesday, 17 April 2007

You are always held........

You are a channel for the light. When you are a clear channel this light can flow through you and out into the world. Do not hoard your money for it will clog the channel. Do not think scarcity thoughts for it will begin to shut out the light through a cloud of fear. Stay open to being connected with the light of prosperity that shines through you today. You are always connected with Source energy and so do not concern yourself with petty fears about having enough. Dear friend you are always held and loved in the light. That's the good news, and now for the really good news, when you stabilise yourself in this light of prosperity others around you will feel uplifted and changed in your presence. Neat or what?
Sharon says:
"Dear Steve,
Wow. That was especially moving & wonderful. Thankyou for these daily thoughts which remind me to be present in the moment & to be thankful for all of the wonderful blessings that are bountiful in my life! Thank you for reminding me that in raising myself to consciously hold light & love & prosperity, others around me are also raised up & in turn, like a wave, others who I may never even meet will be likewise affected! What motivation!
Love, Thanks & Blessings to you,
Adeline says:
"Wow it feels as though you are speaking to me Steve, for scarcity thoughts do sometimes cloud my vision and thoughts especially when I have finsihed with clients and there are no new ones on the horizon apart from bills. Please tell me how to stay connected to this light of prosperity. I thank you once again for your patience and advice.
Steve replies:
"Dear Adeline,
Everyone has there own unique way of staying connected to the light. Some people do it through meditation, others through creativity, others through taking time out to walk in nature and others through taking action that engages them with the world. In all things the light shines through us when we are most at peace, most in harmony, most inspired in the world, most in love with another or something greater.
The question is one that only you can answer.

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