Thursday, 5 April 2007

Giving and Receiving

Steve's daily prosperity thought:
"Prosperity is about both giving and receiving. If only one activity is engaged with then true prosperity will not arise. Too much giving without receiving leads to self-sacrifice. Too much receiving without giving leads to self-centreness. The real question is can you both give and receive generously at the same time? Giving and receiving are the two poles of the battery. When you feel connected to both you will flow with the current of life."

Christine replies:
"My present job is about sacrifice, hence the reason to escape. Interesting that they are now going to have to employ two people for what I presently do. Contribution and receiving has to be equal. Recently I read one of the Dragon Dens views which particularly struck me. His view was that a manager should support their staff and the staff should support their manager. For
me I have been supporting the manager but do not get support back, which does not work.
Blessings Christine"

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