Tuesday, 24 April 2007

You are the Scriptwriter in this Production......

Steve's prosperity thought:
"Did you know that there is no limit to your potential in this lifetime? Well the only limits are the ones you have accepted as being true. There is no-one out there stopping you, unless you say so. You are the scriptwriter in the production of your life so how about changing your script? Do yourself a favour and edit out some of the boring stuff? Well you can do it this time around or you can wait until the next time around. Your call!"

Diane says:
"I don't believe you Mr Nobel !!!! Yet again when I need confirmation that I've done the right thing I get it! I finally plucked up the courage yesterday to end my struggling relationship instead of battling with the tide I went with the flow which allowed me to end my relationship with much love. I'm lost at the moment, but underneath there is excitement, I now have a blank canvass to do exctly as I choose. I've edited a big part of my book so now I need to go and rewrite my other chapters. Thanks Steve your help is truly truly appreciated.

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