Friday, 13 April 2007

How to Stop Procratinating.....

Samar asks: "I want to know how I can stop proscrastinating and feel great confidence at work and life."

Well I'm sure you will agree, that is quite a question. Here's what I said:
"Dear Samar,
That's quite a question you have asked there. Well here are a few pointers:

There are three principles to bear in mind about effective change:
1. Small changes are easier to commit to than massive leaps;
2. Small changes are easier to instigate and integrate;
2. Small changes add up to incredible change over time.

Also think about the following:
Are you doing things you want to do or are you just keeping busy?
Commit only to things that you have the time for;
Break all tasks into manageable chunks;
Schedule all important tasks into a realistic timetable;
Keep a diary for all appointments or tasks and check daily;
Learn to prioritise, and where necessary delegate;
Set daily and weekly goals;
Learn to say no;
Learn also to change your mind when necessary;
Let go of things that waste your time and energy.

Hope this helps.

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