Sunday, 18 November 2007

Miracles Rather than Adversity....

Here is an amazing story I received the other day that highlights the power of miracles over adversity:

"Dear Steve.
I hope you are well. I felt that I had to contact you, after you sent me the email about asking the Universe for help. My daughter's friend said she had gotten her a ticket to her favourite band who were in concert last night. At the last week, her friend admitted she hadn't got her a ticket and my daughter was very upset, as you can imagine! We managed to find her a ticket on the night before the concert and it was to be sent via registered mail. We found the card by Royal Mail saying they had called round but no one was in, but we were. Anyway, by the time I raced down to the sorting office, it was closed. I wanted to cry! But as I'm an EFT practitioner, I tapped on myself and surrogately on my daughters disappointment.
We went to the venue, hoping if I took proof of purchase and payment then they could sort out a ticket for my daughter but they wouldn't. She was so upset. As we were standing there trying to find another way. I had faith that something would turn up and my daughter would get in, even though I couldn't see how, but I consoled myself with I didn't need to know how, just trust that there would be a solution.
Suddenly a couple just "appeared" in front of us, asking if we wanted a ticket. I thought they were selling them. My daughter eagerly said yes, but instead of selling them to us, they invited us to join them in their VIP box because the other two people hadn't turned up!
What a miracle! My daughter was on cloud nine. We ate with them and had champagne and there was no waiting outside in the cold queuing up.
What a fantastic magical Universe. All you need is faith and trust that whatever is for our highest good will manifest if we can keep our connection with the Universe even when it feels that its all against you.
With love and light

Steve Nobel

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Prosperity is a Verb not a Noun..........

If you want prosperity do not look for it in the world of the serious. Also do not look for it in any material thing. Prosperity cannot be found in any balance sheet or accountancy report. Real prosperity is found in the things that have the lightest of touch. Prosperity is found in the dance and flow of life. It exists in the space between things.

Prosperity is really a verb and not a noun. Prosperity is generated by your being and doing. It does not come from what you own. If you get out into the world and really take a look you will find prosperity in the things that touch you deeply. Prosperity can be found almost anywhere. If you look in nature you will find it. If you visit a simple community in the developing world you will find it. Do not look for prosperity in any serious activity. Go out and explore the magical, mystical and spiritual dimensions of life. If you want to know about prosperity then get out and play!

Blessings, Steve

Monday, 3 September 2007

Seeing a Different World...............

You know, do'nt you, that the world you see is not real? No! What do they teach people in schools nowadays? The world you see around you is, of course, the one you think it is. Whether you see a world of love or hate, prosperity or lack, joy or misery is up to you. It depends upon what you believe about your world. Your conscious mind is always on the lookout for the data that is in accordance with your beliefs. All other sensory data is ignored, or distorted or interpreted in the light of what you believe. Therefore people see different worlds. Some people primarily live in a world of celebration, love, hope, joy and support and others live primarily in a world of anxiety, confusion, doubt, fear, procrastination.

Everyone has an opinion about the world, and that includes you. You already have a map of reality inside your head that is not the same as the world you see. This map alters and distorts the world you see. If you believe in a world of conflict and hate then that is the world you will see and experience. If you believe in a world of hope and love then that is the world you will see and experience.

It is up to you how you choose to see the world. No-one os going to change your mind for you. You could take off those glasses you are wearing and try on a different pair! That would be interesting do'nt you think? Then again you could just keep doing what you are doing and pray for a miracle!

Want to try something different today? OK, as you look around you, you will notice that the world you see is different in some way. Today look out for the things you appreciate and love in the world. I predict then that you will see more warmth, joy, light and magic, just because you are looking for it.

Blessings, Steve

Saturday, 25 August 2007


Here is a beautiful poem I recieved from Susan Castillo (who receives the daily prosperity thoughts):


I bless the plains for without them there could be no mountains.
I bless the shadows for they have made me feel the warmth of sunlight.
I bless want for it has taught me how to share abundance.
I bless fear for without it courage would mean nothing.
I bless the moments of grief and loss for they have made me learn to cherish joy.

I bless the Universe.
All passes
I bless it in its passing.

All endures
I bless it in its oneness.

Susan Castillo

Monday, 20 August 2007

Another Thank You.....

I received this today:

"Hi Steve, I just wanted to thank you and Ursula for the workshops I experienced with you at Big Green. Both myself and my family had a lot of fun! (Although to be honest the children have fun no matter what they do). It was very good of you to be so inclusive with them though. I really appreciated that. I also wanted to thank you for a number of your comments outside of the workshops. They all went in. Thank you. :)
Much Love, Anita"

Thanks Again......

I received this today:

"Dear Steve
Many thanks for your internet support...and your book. I have also attended
2 of the sessions at Neal's Yard. I have recently made some very radical changes to my life which have been helped along by your input & also by the changes made by completing my Reiki Master/ Teacher training.
I recently took an enormous leap of faith & have taken early retirement after a working lifetime in the NHS. On Sept 1st, I fly to Tanzania, where I will be volunteering till Christmas, doing HIV awareness training & starting some women's & teenagers support groups, in the Masai village that will be "home". It's 1/2 way up a mountain with no electricity, but sounds great.(to
me!) I have also found .......although I think it found me! some Reiki work in the Scilly Isles next year, which is very exciting, as it is one of my very favourite, & very healing places to be.
When I gave my notice in, none of this was in place, but happened completely effortlessly, almost straight afterwards.

Just thought you & David may like some feedback.
Thanks again

Thursday, 16 August 2007

Abundant Relationships......

Money is Not the Real Issue - In my coaching practise I find that many people do not feel abundant because they fixate on a problem such as a lack of money. Lack of money never stops anyone living an abundant life. the real issue is usually a lack of vision, direction, self-belief, motivation or support.
Blessings Flow to You - When it comes to receiving any good thing, gift or blessings it is worth taking a look at the quality of your friendships, and relationships. This is because blessings and gifts flow to you through your relationships. A boss may promote you, a stranger may surprise you, a relative may support you. A person may give you a moment of love, joy or passion that stays with you a lifetime.
Being Fortunate - Your relationships determine how good things flow to you. There was some research made into luck some years ago by psychologist Richard Wiseman. Firstly he found that lucky people feel more motivated to pursue and achieve their dreams and ambitions. And just as importantly he found that lucky people tend to enjoy meeting and connecting with people, use inviting body language, tend to smile and make eye contact alot and initiate conversations enabling them to create strong network of friendships. All of this optimises the chance of a fortunate encounter.
You Can Network- You can open to greater fortune by improving the quality and the quantity of your connections. In my own life I have learnt the power of networking successfully with other people. Networking is definately a skill that can be learnt. Finding a group that supports you networking is a great resource.
You Can Learn to Receive – Learning to receive is a skill that most people do not know. Most people know about giving because we are taught to give. Yet if you are not open to receiving you will block the flow of things and experiences coming to you. A quick way to be open is to look out for blessings, appreciate them and say thank you when they arrive.
Time for a Review? - When it comes to friendships do you feel encouraged and supported by others to head in the direction of your desires and dreams or do you feel discouraged or criticised? Since relationships are so important if it is the latter perhaps it is time to review your relationships!

Blessings, Steve

Money - Good or Bad???

Here is a message I received today on MySpace:

I saw you put in a friends request and I went and took a gander at your page. I have to tell you sir I have no interest in grand prosperity. That is what is wrong with the world today. Every one is money hungry. They don't care who they hurt as long as they get what they want. They are all slaves to the almighty dollar. Even willing to kill children for it and all manners of evil in between unburdened by it. For me enlightenment isn't about getting rich. It is about Love and peace and happiness.It is about oneness with all. Not getting more and having more then the Joneses. Bless you Rose

(My reply) Dear Rose,
Many thanks for your response. I would not argue that the world is by and large driven by greed and ignorance in pursuit of more. What I would say is that the universe is naturally abundant and giving. Wouldn't it be nice if humanity adopted a similar outlook. I say that abundance is a great aspect of joyful living on the planet. In my mind there are no sharp divides between the good and godly poor and the bad and sinful rich. I believe this is a rather outdated way of thinking.

Dear Rose,
I know many generous wealthy people making a difference on the planet, and many poor people stuck in victim mentality simply adding to the suffering and stress around the globe. Of course there are also many greedy wealthy people and many noble poor people seeking to make the world a better place. I am not advocating money for its sake alone. Money makes a great servant yet a poor master. At a metaphysical level money is simply energy. It is neither good nor bad. It is the level of consciousness and the intent behind its use that makes it useful or harmful for the planet.

I am all for love, peace and happiness and I am certainly into Oneness. However, I see that the harm across the planet will not be rectified by prayer and good intentions alone. What the world needs is a different consciousness around money, and material success. I very much liked the old adage of Celtic Kings..."I rule to serve". I think the same attitude could be applied to mastering money.Anyway, just wanted to answer your message and I hope you now do not think I am interested in persuading people to kill, enslave or harm anyone.Blessings to you.

Blessings, Steve

Busyness can be an Avoidance of Prosperity....

Would you like to know a big resistance in life? Busyness! This is the tendency to fill up your day with things to do. Busyness is a constant checklist of things that need doing. Busyness leaves no space for real living. Busyness is a habit that squeezes the joy from life. At the core of busyness is the idea that people will only love you for what you do rather than for who you are. Would you like to know an antidote for busyness? Yes of course it's obvious and simple. And it is the hardest thing to do in the world if you are a workaholic. Practise more being and less doing. Also affirm to yourself on a daily basis that you are loveable for who you are not what you do.

Blessings, Steve

Another Grateful Customer..........

Another grateful customer:

Dear Steve,
Thank you once again. These prosperity thoughts are helping in a slow but sure step by step kind of way, so thank you. When I zoned into to you guys, I was on the verge of bankruptcy and my career as a film maker about to crash. Since then I got bailed out as in the former and got help to shoot more of the later. Now my faith has to increase just a little bit more to attract or connect with right source to shoot rest of the movie. Thanks Maeve"

Blessings, Steve

Monday, 6 August 2007

Inspiration Does Make a Difference..........

"Dear Steve, each of your daily messages found a place in my heart and being and changed my live. I am able do finish my book now in such a joyful way, my long lasting almost killing wounds are healing. I would love to speak with you. Sunny greatings from Mallorca and thank you so much. Brigitt"


Monday, 30 July 2007

The Meaning of Life......

Let's talk about the meaning of life. Victor Frankl PhD had a few things to say about this subject. He was a survivor of the holocaust, although his wife, father and mother did not make it through. He survived because he managed to frame his experiences of suffering within a framework of meaning. Later he wrote a book called Man's Search for Meaning where he speaks about three forms of meaning in life:

The meaning that comes through the difference we can make in the world, the meaning that comes through love and relationships, and the meaning that comes through how we face and deal with unavoidable suffering.

Victor Frankl once said about success "Don't aim at success - the more you aim at it and make it a target, the more you are going to miss it. For success, like happiness, cannot be pursued; it must ensue, and it only does so as the unintended side effect of one's personal dedication to a cause greater than oneself'. Could'nt agree more!

Blessings, Steve

Manifesting Happens.......

"Hello Steve Just a quick email as you did a talk at a spirituality group a few tuesdays ago. My life has changed dramatically with everything i wanted materialising quite easily. I'm amazed and am keeping going with the meditations and your email course. Many thanks James"


Friday, 27 July 2007

Changing Your Reality.......

So you want to know how to change your beliefs and expectations? Well firstly you need to realise that every belief is but a thought about reality. Beliefs do not represent reality itself. The thing is that once you change a belief you will not only operate differently in the world, you will see a different world. OK, that being said, there are a number of stages to changing a belief:

1. You need to be open to questioning your existing beliefs. You need to doubt your existing beliefs if you are ever to re-evaluate them. For instance you might believe that you cannot dance. You need to be able to doubt this idea about yourself if you are ever to change it;

2. You need to be open to exploring new and more expansive thoughts about reality. You need not be convinced that a new belief is true but you need to be open to the possibility. So let's say that you have the thought that dancing was a possibly for you. Now you are more likely to give it a go;

3. Then you can start to believe and act on the new possibility as if it were true. Perhaps you go out and join a Salsa dance class.

4. Then you can start to examine the belief in the light of your experience. If your experience does not disprove the possibility of the new belief being true then the new thought can begin to take a deeper hold in your unconscious. Perhaps now you go dancing and although it feels strange you slowly get the hang of it and even begin to enjoy it. You decide to go again.

Now your reality has changed in the realm of your ability to dance. So what would happen if you applied this method to your ideas about creating more money?


Thursday, 26 July 2007

More Positive Feedback......

"Oh Steve
How right you are !!!! My life has changed so dramatically over the last 12 months, its almost like living with another person these days. I still know that I am capable of so much more and that there is so much more that I want to do. What I'm trying to decipher now is what exactly I want to do...
I am free at last, do you know something dearest Steve? I haven't cried for months! I laugh, I smile, I get scared.... I embrace my pain but it no longer hurts, I look at scarcity as a gift, because I know that it's an omen for me to change something. I'm still not really sure what it is that I feel that I need to do, but I do know that my life is a gift, I'm here to help others, just as you and Davide have helped me so enormously to develop a life of abundance.
I really want to write that book, I want to set an Alternatives up in Manchester or Liverpool, I want to make a real success of the business Lee and I have built up together! I want to follow in the footsteps of the Pilgrims and walk part of the Road to Santiago!
Thanks again for all of you support, your prosperity thoughts really do change peoples lives!!!!
Take care

Positive lovely!

"Dear Steve

I have just read your inspiration of 17/7! Dont know how I came to miss it because I look forward to your wonderful and beautiful words of inspiration. This in particular touched my heart and soul and resonated with so much truth! It was one of those wow! moments and a time of reflection.
Just over these 3 days I have tapped into your book "Freeing the Spirit". You know I ordered it some years ago and always meant to get into it. I never did then! I have had the opportunity to share some of it with people who I am helping to develop spiritually - only after I used it myself. Again, another wow moment!
Bless you, Steve, for the light that you shine!

Having a Positive Expectation..........

Expectation is linked to what we believe. Expectation influences how much effort we will invest in attaining our goals. It also influences how well we will be able to deal with challenging or stressful situations. Expectation is at work in every area of our lives. For example, in the area of health the placebo affect (taking a fake pill) shows how much a patient's expectation will influence the outcome of them getting better.
The thing to know is that if you have a strong positive expectation around acheiving something you will go the extra mile towards that end. Having a positive expectation will also help you activate the necessary inner resources to attain whatever you want.


Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Another Satisfied Customer..........

Another satisfied customer:
"Dearest Steve,
I have recieved your prosperity bubbles and have been a participant on your prosperity course. I also did the teleseminar on family dynamics which was great.(Id never done anything like that before!!...). I would just like to thank you for empowering me each and every day and enlightening me with prosperity conciousness. Your emails make such a difference to my day, indeed my life. I wish to work further in this field and personal development. Having had much dysfunction in my upbringing and experiencing so many personal traumas it is so welcoming to recieve such support and understanding. I am a talented artist and a very emotional being with so much love and light to share that sometimes I find it all so overwhelming. I am working through so much to believe in myself now.
And have grown in understanding and confidence. Im very nearly there... Relating with people like you gives me strength and hope, Thankyou. In love and light Hayley x"


Sunday, 22 July 2007

State Control.......

Everyday we go through a certain range of internal states. These will vary from person to person. We can move from a state of peace, to anxiety, to bliss, to busyness, to hope, to despair in a day. Some of these states seem positive and enjoyable and others seem unpleasant and limiting. Our state not only affects how we feel, it affects how we behave. Certain states are great for acheiving certain things, for example curiosity is great for learning, calmness is great for dealing with pressure, confidence is great for doing something new and a sense of focus is great for performing action. Most people experience their state as something that just happens to them, they do not realise that they can influence their state.
NLP places great emphasis on state management. You can influence your state through being more aware of what puts you in a great state and what triggers a limiting state. For instance certain music can alter your state, as can a powerful affirmation, or engaging in dance, or doing some form of meditation.
The million dollar question is, what internal state would best help you acheive your desired outcomes? If you know the answer to this question and you also know what helps to induce such states, then you have already gone a long way towards acheiving your desired goals.


Thursday, 19 July 2007

A Story to Share.........

Jo emailed me this story:
"Thank you! I have a funny story to share...I have spent all my life persuing healing and creative paths because I imagined I was great with people. Anyway, since doing Essence (a personal development seminar based in London) I found myself at the end of my tether with my boss who was in learning and development and a psychologist and an author and got myself into a place with no money no job.
Not great, but instead of following my imagined path for a moment longer, I realised I needed to explore other ways to prosper. Well, I got a temping job in the straightest but largest bank in the world...guess what, I love it! It is so straight that people's real nature cannot but shine out, and there are a zillion relationships to build and my boss has asked me to stay and to be aware that they offer brilliant management training paths as well as nice bonus your email was very timely!!! It is not too late for me at nearly 42 to find myself very firmly with my feet on the ground with great prospects.....
x Jo"

I recommend the Essence course to many of my clients. If you are interested goto


Five Things in the Way of Your Success........

There are five possible reasons that can stand in the way of you acheiving a certain goal:

You think you do not have the resources to acheive the goal;
You believe you have the resources but do not know what to do;
You know what to do but you do not think you can do it;
You think you can do it but you are not strongly motivated to acheive the goal;
You feel motivated but somehow the goal does not right for you to pursue now.

Only you can decide whether these objections mean that you should drop the goal now and waste no further time on it, or wait for circumstances to change, or begin to put some time and effort into overcoming these objections. Your call.


Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Another Happy Customer..........

Glad to report another happy customer:
"Dear Steve,
Just a quick email to say thank you for all the Prosperity Bubbles. I bought your book and attended one session at Neal's Yard. Prosperity has come into my life big time and I'm sure that all the positive vibes I've been getting from the "Bubbles" have helped the unprecedented flow of good fortune. I am about to move from London to California but i see that you have subscribers in 17 countries now so I look forward to more wealth and wisdom in due course.
May the force be with you and yours,


Wednesday, 11 July 2007

A Spiritual Secret..............

Being a winner or a loser has no meaning in the game of life. There are no gold medals for reaching heaven first. It is how you play the game of life that counts. At the end of your life as you step into the light what will you remember? Your acheivements perhaps, your learnings almost certainly, your joys without a shadow of a doubt. Want to know a secret? OK. The journey is the destination.


Of Desire and Desperation.....

In case you did not know, there is a world of difference between desire and desperation. Desperation repels what you want and desire attracts what you want. Both can feel quite hot and intense. The difference is that one feels heavier and the other lighter. One is bound with expectation, and the other is unfettered from how the desire will manifest. Might be good to know?



If you want to feel really prosperous then you need to balance the yin and yang side of your nature. Too much yang (doing) and not enough yin (reflection) can lead to burn out. Too much yin (reflection) and not enough yang (doing) can lead to dreaminess. If you learn how to connect your yang (warrior) side to your yin (priestess) side then you will be both happy and successful.


The Yin and Yang of Inspiration......

Inspiration is a dynamic force. Patanjali, the great Indian sage, many centuries ago said 'When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all your thoughts break your bonds, your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction, and you find yourself in a new, great and wonderful world.'

On the other hand inspiration is nurtured through space and a slow pace. Inspiration cannot be forced. It needs to breathe. It needs space. For instance The artist Degas grew up in a wealthy family where he was able to fully indulge his love of painting. When he hit 60 he looked back on his life and concluded that his work had been a waste of time. He retreated to his studio determined to re-inspire himself. Over the next 20 years he produced some of his greatest masterpieces. A wise person would ponder on this.

All great projects are born in moments of pure inspiration. It is no coincidence that some of the world's most higly paid people are in the business of inspiring others, namely film stars, performers, and sportsmen and women. Financial consultant and author (of Getting Rich your own Way) Srully Blotnick studied over a thousand men and women and broke apart the then popular myth that money comes to a person by doing the things they least want to do. He found that the most successful people were doing things and work that inspired them. Does this say anything to you?

Your independent yang/masculine side seeks activity and challenge in the world. Your relational yin/feminine side seeks stillness and reflection in the world. Inspiration is generated through either yin or yang. How about immersing yourself in something inspirational today? You could read an inspiring book or poem, listen to some uplifting music, or go for a walk in nature. Or you could do something more dynamic like go and meet some inspirational people, start a new project or change your life in some way. Fancy a little inspiration today?


The Win-Win Principle....

Do you know about the win-win principle? This principle states that real success and happy results through a co-operative effort with others. It is based on the assumption that there is plenty for everyone. It is based on the idea that one person's success can inspire others and also contribute to the success of those around him or her. This is radically different approach than the win-lose principle where states that some people will naturally win at the expense of others. Win-win is based on mutually beneficial agreements and solutions, teamwork and the sharing of resources.

Let me give you an example of win-win. I am a director of an organisation called Alternatives. Here we practise a win-win-win principle. For us to run an event it needs to produce three win's. The first is for the audience, the event must have content that is valuable and applicable. It must be presented and taught in a way that is engaging, informative and expereincial. The second win is for the presenter, the event must give value to the person delivering the material. The event will give the presenter a certain visibility for his or her work. The third win for for Alternatives. We need to feel good about running the event. It needs to have generated a certain level of positive feedback and income.

How about incorporating win-win in your life to some degree?


Follow Your Bliss.........

The most useful and practical peice of advice I have ever had the good fortune to hear came from the famous mythologist Joseph Campbell. He used to advise his students to follow their bliss, meaning to follow their sense of aliveness, passion and wonder. Now then, have you ever wondered what would happen in your life if you chose to follow your bliss in all things?


Wealthy People Have One Thing in Common.....

The one thing wealthy people have in common is that they have all found their unique formula for making money. Apart from that they have absolutely nothing in common. Wealthy people come from all races and all backgrounds, they vary from the well educated to the street wise and savvy. You must realise by now that there are no rules in this regard, anyone can make it. You can have more wealth if you wish. You do not have to buy into the common belief that there is not enough to go around. If you want it to happen then all you have to do is get off your backside and start to move and groove into the world. Surely your mother told you that fortune smiles on the brave? OK, well now you know!


Time for a Raise?

When it comes to having money everyone on the planet has two levels in their unconscious. One is the level above which we will not allow ourselves to rise. The other is the level below which we will not allow ourselves to fall. A person who is homeless and destitute probably has both levels set quite low. A person who is experiencing tremendous happiness and financial success probably has both levels set quite high. Now, the million dollar question is, where are your levels set? You may well ask yourself, time for a raise?

Blessings, Steve

To Enjoy Money You Need.......

To enjoy money you need a certain kind of thinking, you need a certain kind of consciousness. If you have a grasping consciousness then you will tend to create competition and unhappiness around you. If you have an apathetic kind of consciousness then you will not give any value to the people or things around you and they will tend to drift away. Want to know a secret about money and success? OK. Change your consciousness around money and you will see different results in the world. Then again, do not look to money to make you happy. Let your happiness and passion point the way to allowing more money to flow into your life.


Two Different Strategies.......

When it comes to moving through the world there are two different paths you can take. One is following the herd, which means following the example of another, perhaps a successful parent, or a gang of peers who have something cutting edge to teach you. It is worth knowing that this strategy can lead to easy success and also lots of emotional and practical support when things do not quite work out.

The other way is to avoid the herd and go it alone. This means avoiding other people's strategies for success and finding your own way, your own creative edge. It is worth knowing that this way is less supportive but more vigorous in activating inner resources for overcoming adversity. Some of the most financially successful people in the world use this strategy.

The good news is that neither strategy is better than the other. You may find that your way to success is through adopting one of these ways. Would you like a little advice? OK, you asked for it. You could always be radical and use either depending on the situation or your gut feeling. How will you know which one is right? By the results you produce. If one is not working then you could always try out the opposite strategy.


Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Things Could Have Been Different.........

Of course, you probably could have done something entirely different with your life. You could have taken an easier route, and avoided certain things and people, but then you would have missed out on some valuable experiences and life lessons and become an entirely different person. You know, all of your experiences and lessons have set you up for the journey you are about to take. It was the essential prerequisite for the success you are about to experience. I just knew that you would like to know.


Prosperity = Freedom.....

Some say that prosperity is about about freedom. Family therapist Virginia Satir once said that there are five freedoms:

The freedom to see and hear what is;
The freedom to say what you feel and think;
The freedom to feel what you actually feel;
The freedom to ask for what you want;
The freedom to take risks on your own behalf.Sound cool or what?

Well are you feeling free today?


Prosperity & Trust.........

Well let me ask you another million dollar question. Do you trust yourself? What does that mean? Well do you trust that you know where you want to go in life?Do you trust that you have all the resources to get there?You know the great thing about trust is that you can always do more of it.You can always do more trust than you thought you could do. Just reading about trust will make you think about it more often. Thinking about trust more often will leave less space for thinking about less important things like how to do better distrust. I know, it's a kind of magic!


The Power of Intention...........

To create anything one of the most basic tools you have is your power of intention. Intention is really about using your personal will. Your personal will is the vehicle of manifestation for your higher will. Unless you practice consciously using your personal will it will be difficult knowing and aligning with your divine will. How about using your intention today? You could always intend for a small miracle. Then again you could be greedy and intend for a bigger one! What's stopping you?


Great Coaching Leads to Results in the World....

If you are already successful then improve your results by getting some coaching. The most successful people in the world have ongoing coaching. This helps them stretch into greater possibility on a weekly basis. Do not go to coaching for advice or to find out what you what you want to do. It is your job to know what you want to do. If you are unclear you can try career advice or counselling or some other approach.Once you are clear on what you want to do then get going, do the ground work, and start to create your vision. Once you are on your way then coaching can help you. It can help you get clearer about your thinking and money making strategies. For it to really work you need to find a coach that you feel good about and who has 'walked the talk' themselves. If you find a great coach you can stretch beyond your current thinking around what is possible and what you are capable of acheiving.


Monday, 9 July 2007

The Decision to Be Prosperous Happens in a Moment....

The decision to live a more prosperous life can happen in a moment. Generating external resources such as money can take a little longer. It is unwise to expect money to come to you quite suddenly. Very few people have sudden windfalls and of these even fewer are prepared for it. The majority of successful people have created wealth over time. Therefore why not take your time? This does not mean doing nothing. Take your time and remember the old saying slowly slowly catchee monkee. How about going the tried and tested way of trial, error, and eventual success.


Saturday, 7 July 2007

The Abundance Bowl Exercise......

If you find it hard to accumulate money then I am going to give you a magical exercise for both saving money and attracting more money into your life. This is call the abundance bowl technique. All you need do is find a beautiful bowl, find a safe spot in your home and then and everyday simply put 50p or a £1 in the bowl. You must do this without fail every day until the end of one calendar month. At the end of the month you can take all the money out if you wish and treat yourself. Or you can spend some and leave some.Then you begin the next month by saving 50p or £1 a day for one calendar month. This exercise can create miracles. At the very least it will train your unconscious to accumulate money for you. One of the keys to make this exercise successful for you is to enjoy doing it and enjoy spending the money at the end of the month!


Thursday, 5 July 2007

Bless the Rich...........

Since you are really deserving today I am going to let you into a real big secret for attracting more money and other valuable resources into your life. Follow this one and you will definately see tremendous results over time. OK. Ready? Here goes. All you have to do on a daily basis is bless the rich. Start to notice all the wealthy people around town. Notice where they live and where they shop. Then simply bless them for showing the way towards greater wealth. Now then, you may well experience some envious thoughts arising. If you do simply breathe and allow them to pass. Then get back to the essential practise of blessing the rich. If you persist with this exercise you will begin to understand all your scarcity thinking that blocks the possibility of money and other forms of wealth flowing into your life.


Monday, 2 July 2007

The Real Issue With Money...........

Money of itself is not very exciting. Bits of paper or bags of round peices of metal. What we really tend to get excited about is what money can do for us in the world. Despite this many people still focus on the money. The real issue is always what do you want money to do for you? Want to know a secret? OK. When you have a passionate and tangible dream that you believe you can actualise then money will naturally start to be attracted to you. If your dream involves helping more people than just yourself then you will be even more magnetic. Nothing will prevent money from flowing through you to making your dream happen. This is the paradox, if you want to be wealthy then make your dream more important than the money. What more can I say?

Blessings, Steve

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

The Four Laws of Ecology.....

The Four Laws of Ecology (as formulated by physicist and ecologist, Barry Commoner). These laws can also be applied to your daily life.

1) Everything is connected to everything else - humans and other species are connected/dependant on a number of other species. Every living thing is interconnected on the planet. If you really dwell on this law then it becomes very hard to practise anything other than compassion and harmlessness.

2) Everything must go somewhere - no matter what you do, and no matter what you use, it has to go somewhere. For example, nuclear waste does not just disappear, it has to go somewhere. Poor people do not disappear they go somewhere. Anger does not disappear it goes somewhere. If repressed it is locked in the body. If expressed poorly it can be locked in someone else's body. Joy can also be held in the body or circulated around the world. If you practise this law then care for the planet becomes a more sensible way to live than wasteful living. Also joy becomes a more sensible way to live than anger.

3) Nature knows best - Like it says, nature knows best. As much as people think that nature can be improved upon or reinvented Mother Nature has an innate and incredible intelligence. When humans tinker with that intelligence unintelligently then dire results can follow. Global warming is one such consequence. Global pollution another. When you live by this law then you will want to eat more naturally, follow the innate wisdom of your body, and care for the earth.

4) There is no such thing as a free lunch - This law basically means you have to do something in order to get something in return. If you want to be successful you need to get going in life. If you want more inner peace then you need to meditate more often. If you want to be more healthy then you need to be more mindful about your nutrition and daily exercise. If you want more friends then you have to connect with new people. When you follow this law then it is very hard to be complacent and easier to take meaningful action.

Blessings, Steve

Time for a Raise?

When it comes to having money everyone on the planet has two levels in their unconscious. One is the level above which we will not allow ourselves to rise. The other is the level below which we will not allow ourselves to fall. A person who is homeless and destitute probably has both levels set quite low. A person who is experiencing tremendous happiness and financial success probably has both levels set quite high. Now, the million dollar question is, where are your levels set? You may well ask yourself, time for a raise?


Monday, 25 June 2007

Wealthy people have a unique success formula......

The one thing wealthy people have in common is that they have all found their unique formula for making money. Apart from that they have absolutely nothing in common. Wealthy people come from all races and all backgrounds, they vary from the well educated to the street wise and savvy. You must realise by now that there are no rules in this regard, anyone can make it. You can have more wealth if you wish. You do not have to buy into the common belief that there is not enough to go around. If you want it to happen then all you have to do is get off your backside and start to move and groove into the world. Surely your mother told you that fortune smiles on the brave? OK, well now you know!


Thursday, 21 June 2007


Would you like to hear about the win-win principle? This principle states that real success and happy results through a co-operative effort with others. It is based on the assumption that there is plenty for everyone. This is radically different approach than the win-lose principle where some people will naturally win at the expense of others. Often the win-lose scenario can lead to everyone involved losing in some way. Winning at the expense of others is not a great recipe for happy and successful living. Win-win is based on mutually beneficial agreements and solutions, teamwork and the sharing of resources. How about incorporating the win-win principle in your thinking and doing today?


Monday, 18 June 2007

Who Says Inspiration Does'nt Pay?.....

Want to hear a story? OK, I hoped you were going to say yes. Well there was this guy called Alex who was a middle class graduate living in messy student digs in Nottingham. Then one day he came up with an idea, not just any idea but one that was to set the internet alight. He created a website which contained exactly one million pixels. He then sold space to advertisers for $1 a pixel. This idea caught the attention of some local press and the publicity around it grew. The website was so successful that before the age of 21 he was on his way to making his first million. So who says inspiration does'nt pay?


Sunday, 17 June 2007

Creating the Future...........

You know the last thing you want to do is create a future that is merely a replay of your past. Even if you have had a wicked past you might find doing the same stuff over again in your future a little tedious. The good news is that you do not have to project any aspect of your past into your future if you do not want to. You are always free to dream up exploring something you have never done before. How wicked is that?


Message from Laurence......

Dear Steve,
One day I entered a shop without any money or intention of buying anything. I found the art work on display beautiful and felt it might be inspiring to take a closer look.Some pieces of work in particular took my attention and I commented to the assistant watching over me, 'One day I'll be rich and will have money to buy this sort of thing.' She replied, almost laughing as she did, 'Everyone dreams of that.''No,' I said, 'I know I will be rich one day and have money, that's not my dream.'My dream is that one day I won't need any money.' Do you understand? If not, it might be worth pondering over.
Peace out,Laurence

Appreciation Received...........

Appreciation is always well received this end:
"Please forgive me that it's taken me seven weeks to say this - but, thank you, thank you, thank you so much for what you have given me so far...and indeed the whole universe through what you do...I've also passed on some of your messages to people I felt were particularly in need of them....I do feel a change...I probably shouldn't say any more...I have put them all in a folder and one fine day, I shall get around to printing them all out and maybe having them painted or somehow presented beautifully so that I can look at them properly and always and maybe even give them to people as presents if that's OK. I'd also like to write some songs based on them - is that OK, too?
Thank you so much again.

Some Strange Ideas about Money

Sometimes there is a belief running about money that says if I really hate what I do then I deserve to be well paid for it because it is so hard. Then the contra belief goes, if I really love what I do then it is wrong to accept money for it. Some people have the even stranger idea that even if I work hard I will still receive little money.
When I was working in banking in the City I had a large zone for money flowing through my hands and an almost negligible zone for earning money joyfully. When I left Banking and worked in local government my zone shifted a few degrees in that I could then earn money more joyfully. The first time I received money for doing something I absolutely loved it felt like a sacrilege. As if the money would somehow taint the purity of the thing I loved. I accepted the money and really looked at this belief I had about money coming to me through the things I did not particularly like doing. Now all the money I earn comes to me through joyful means. If you can shift this one idea about money then your whole work life can shift also. Can you imagine doing work that you love, that you have a talent for, and that you can receive ample reward for doing? As you can imagine so shall you create!


The Yin and Yang of Success

Your independent yang/masculine side seeks activity and challenge in the world. Your relational yin/feminine side seeks stillness and reflection in the world. When the two work make love in your psyche then your being nature will begin to inform and guide your doing nature in the world.


Friday, 25 May 2007

Your Inner Guide...........

Your Higher Self is your inner guide, your guardian angel, the higher aspect of your consciousness that guides and guards your spiritual journey. Your Higher Self is pure consciousness, it is formless, although it can adopt any form it wishes in your dreams or meditations. The good news is that your Higher Self is available 24/7. To receive help all you need do is ask for help. Can anything be simpler?


Monday, 21 May 2007

Prosperity is a Hero's Journey.......

In every journey worth taking you will come to the inevitable chasm that seems difficult to cross. This is what is known as the abyss is the hero's journey and what some spiritual teachers call the void. This is a place where you are coming to the end of a phase in your life. Here you will find that the game rules you have been used to do not work in quite the same way. This is a place of feeling confused, disenchanted, disorientated, or lost. If you ever approach this place do not worry. Because before every great shift is always a time of adjustment. Thought you just might like to know!

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Here's a Wild Thought............

Well here's a wild thought. You are on this planet for a reason. You may not know completely why you are here but you probably have a sneeky feeling that you are here for some higher purpose. Well, you may be right. Some spiritual teachers suggest that we are here to learn, grow and have fun in the process. That's right you can have fun stretching into the new. Well, what is stopping you right now having a little fun? Any answer other than you is incorrect. Today, how about stretching a little bit more and having a tinsy winsy bit more fun? You never know what might happen!

This is what a friend wrote to me in reply: "Just felt the need to check in with something here. I admit that my antennae are supersensitive. This bit "Well, what is stopping you right now having a little fun? Any answer other than you is incorrect" strikes a chord with me. Smacks of blame, I have to say. And for those of us who've grown up being blamed, it fits in there very snugly - a big hook there for us. Yes, it is our responsibility to work on it so we sail into having fun and realize we darn well deserve it. If we don't take the responsibility to do the work, then we won't reach fun. How, though to convince people to do the work? Not by blaming, I would say."

This is what I said back: "Blame is one great way we will seek to avoid taking responsibility for our reality. Blame seeks to find fault and is ultimately disempowering. Responsibility is about owning one's own beliefs, thinking, feelings, and choices and looking at what is working well and what is not working at all. People who do a lot of self-blame will seek to avoid responsibility because there will seem very little distinction between blame and responsibility. In my experience responsibility is the one tried and tested way to true freedom."

Thursday, 10 May 2007

Being Magnetic to Your Higher Good...

Do not be fooled. Love might seem impractical and airy-fairy and have little to do with the practical side of your life. Yet if you totally loved yourself what kind of a world would you live in? A great one perhaps? People who love themselves unconditionally do not suddenly become self-centred or blind to the areas where some growth is needed. If you become self-loving then you give yourself permission to stop beating yourself up for every little mistake or perceived flaw. Want another reason for opening to love? Well, people who feel good about themselves are more magnetic to their higher good. Imagine how much more magnetic you wil become when you truly drop all your self-attack and start dwelling on love instead?

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Dear Steve........

Dear Steve,
I so much ejoy reading your prosperity thoughts! Every morning they make me take a moment to reflect on just how much abundance their already is in my life and where I would like to create more. As a mother of 3 beautiful children, a Feng Shui Consultant and healer I am extremely blessed, but it is not always easy to find the time to reflect for oneself. Your daily notes give me the opportunity to do so without so much as an inkling of guilt. Thank you. I look forward to the day when perhaps our paths shall meet! In the meantime, however, please keep sending your messages (missed yesterday's…).
With blessings and best wishes,

Love is the Key.........

Love is the key to living a more prosperous life. The more you love what you do the more abundant you will feel. This applies to your relationships as much as how you earn money in the world. You cannot avoid this simple truth. You may be a millionaire but unless you love your life you will not feel very prosperous. If you are wise you will ponder on this.

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Want to Know a Little Secret?

Want to know a little secret? The degree to which you have placed the responsibility for your success and happiness onto another person is the degree to which you will feel disempowered and disheartened. Well you can't say no-one told you so!

Christine replies:
"Definitely agree with that one should learn to love one owns company and self. Only problem I have been having is being iill and was in hospital last week. Why I think it was doing two jobs for nine months in my last job. Now I have moved on I suddenly became very ill. I felt increadibly tired to begin with and now have to contend with a hiatus hernia. Dont know what
you would read into this. What is stopping me is my health or perhaps I should take stock and look what I should be doing with my life. The new job should be a lot less stressful but I want to do other things which is making me wonder what?"

Steve replies:
"Dear Christine,
Stress and overwork can overwhelm our natural sense of well-being and vitality. Hiatus Hernia might relate to problems around swallowing or digesting something in your life. Perhaps take a look at Louise Hay's You Can Heal Your Life or Debbie Shapiro's Your Body Speaks Your Mind. Blessings"

There is Nothing to Fear.....Is There?

Prosperity Thought:
"There is nothing to fear. All your most frightful thoughts about your reality are just thoughts. If you can change your thoughts then you will transform your level of fear. Mnnnn..decisions, decisions!"

Soheila replies:
"Thank you Steve. But if the thoughts have turned into reality, and
one is on the brink of losing one's home, bills unpaid etc etc
Thank you"

Steve says:
"Dear Soheila,
Then you must deal with that reality as best as you can and unplug the reasons for creating it. One of the pitfalls is going into self-blame, self-attack and comparison. The thinking goes thus "well if I have created this reality then I must be a bad kind of a person". Such thinking will compound the problem. Whatever your reality the best thing you can do is accept your circumstances and do what you can first practically and then later from an energy and consciousness level.

Let's Talk ABout Guilt.............

Let's talk about guilt. A common block to prosperity is guilt. Guilt always leads to pain, misery and suffering. Guilt is about duty and obligation. It is a drive to constant anxiety. It is a form of self-punishment, anger turned against the self. Guilt does nothing but harm, it has no redeeming features. Sound like something you might want to drop? From a prosperity point of view guilt will place limits on your self-worth. Guilt often stops people charging a realistic price for there time, energy or services.To drop guilt you need to unhook all the should's in your life. This does not mean that you suddenly become totally irresponsible. It means that you will be more fun to hang around!

Sunday, 29 April 2007

The Manifesting Power of Your Thoughts.........

Prosperity thought:
"You do not have to slay the dragon of scarcity in order to reach the pinnacle of prosperity. Every day you may have some scarcity thoughts, but do not worry. These thoughts have little real power to cause you any real harm. these thoughts are disconnected from Source and from reality. When you feel connected with Source then your thoughts will have real generative power. One prosperity thought can then ripple out and powerfully touch your world. Sound interesting?"

Sue says:
"Not sure if I agree with this one Steve. I think the opposite is true. It is at odds with a question I need answering: Why is it that you need to repeat the positive many times to make it come true but negative thoughts seem to be more powerful and don’t need as much repetition to materialise! ?

My reply:
"Dear Sue,
It is all about belief. Limiting thoughts are the product of limiting beliefs and visa versa. The challenge is not that limiting ideas have any real strength but that the vast majority of people are influenced by them through the media or really believe in them.
In magical terms if you are working with a positive idea then you are working white magic, you benefit and others do also. If you are working with a negative idea then you are working black magic and the consequences are always that you suffer and other people suffer. In terms of manifesting power I heard a spiritual teacher say this some years ago and I struggled with it. It takes a lot more energy to manifest something negative because it is going against the natural order of the universe. One person working positively in a focused way can transform the scattered negativity of many people.
Just think about an individual that radiated uplifting wisdom, like the Buddha or Christ or Gandhi or Martin Luther King. They all experienced violent opposition but there ideas and wisdom has impacted millions and lasted the test of time. There ideas have been integrated into many cultures. Then take a powerful and charismatic individual who spoke of a more limiting hateful and violent philosophy, like Hitler, Genghis Khan or any other tyrant. They may have touched millions of people with their philosophy of hate but few people believe in that philosophy and no culture that adopted their ideas managed to last very long.
Negativity is a bit like going into the gym and learning how to awaken the light of consciousness. This is a world of polarity and also duality. Polarity is part of the natural order of the universe, light/dark, day/night, male/female. Duality is about the artificial construct of good/bad, right/wrong. This has been set up to help us grow until we no longer need them. In the system of Cabbala there are both angels of qualities and angels of vices. The angels of vices are there to help us appreciate and develop the qualities of real awakening and consciousness. They are part of the great game of 3rd dimensional existence. The natural order of the universe is always towards the evolution of consciousness even when it does not seen so.
Hope this is helpful.
This is just my truth now!!!!

Thursday, 26 April 2007

You Live in a Magical Reality.........

Did you know that you live in a magical reality. This dimension of existence has been set up so that you can receive feedback on your inner world of your attitudes, beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and choices. Your outer world is a mirror for your inner world. For instance this means that when you change or expand one core belief about yourself or your world then your reality will, in time, reflect that inner change. When you change not only do you feel different but the world becomes different. Magic or what?

Tuesday, 24 April 2007

You are the Scriptwriter in this Production......

Steve's prosperity thought:
"Did you know that there is no limit to your potential in this lifetime? Well the only limits are the ones you have accepted as being true. There is no-one out there stopping you, unless you say so. You are the scriptwriter in the production of your life so how about changing your script? Do yourself a favour and edit out some of the boring stuff? Well you can do it this time around or you can wait until the next time around. Your call!"

Diane says:
"I don't believe you Mr Nobel !!!! Yet again when I need confirmation that I've done the right thing I get it! I finally plucked up the courage yesterday to end my struggling relationship instead of battling with the tide I went with the flow which allowed me to end my relationship with much love. I'm lost at the moment, but underneath there is excitement, I now have a blank canvass to do exctly as I choose. I've edited a big part of my book so now I need to go and rewrite my other chapters. Thanks Steve your help is truly truly appreciated.

Friday, 20 April 2007

Pastures New..........

Christine says:
"Dear Steve
I seem to have got to where I should be again and see potential and can create an abundance of ideas, which is really good. Support is always crucial to success. I am leaving my job today and my support has been rewarded by the volunteers with some lovely presents, which was a surprise as I did not expect it. The thank you cards saying thank for support and I also had wit and wisdom. I have thought of a business idea this week, which I hope to get my son involved in as he will need to do something when he returns from his travels.

So next week on to pastures new, which will be good as I will have time to explore, expand other ideas and as I am working from home, will also be able to take ten minutes out to meditate.
Take care

Perhaps I am a Little Mischievous............

Hana says:
"Hello Steve.
I am yet again touched by your messages and just want to share this with you, no need to reply, I can imagine you must get lots of mail and other requests for your attention - Im just expressing gratitude, and wanting you to know what a beautiful thing you are doing..
What touches me, again and again, is the blazing joy and confidence and the mischievous tone in your messages, and how these always arrive with synchronicity, in a perfect moment when their messages goes often well beyond issues of financial prosperity but reaches into those places where we need to expand into the Light and these love-filled thoughts guide us there .
I feel so much compassion in your letters, Love and Light and of course this is served with a teasing humour which opens insiduosly the path into the resistant hearts... I feel you really channel these big, healing and enticing waves of The Great Inspirerer, and I am so eternally grateful for these diamond-like treasures arriving like little angels into my inbox every day.
Lots of Love and dew drops of the Bliss Nectar on You,
xx Hana"

Today You Will See A Different World....

Steve's daily prosperity thought:
"Today you will see a different world, one where you notice all the joy in the world. It does not matter if you have been clinically depressed for years today you will see the light of joy breaking through all your best efforts to keep it out. In this regard 'all resistance is futile', for today you cannot shut out the joy that wants to reveal itself to you. Did you know that joy is a precursor to prosperity? This is because joy will lift your spirits and make you more available to opportunities and miracles. Now with this little secret of prosperity what can possibly stop you? Now may you live long and prosper."

The More You Have the More You Can Share.....

Steve's daily prosperity thought:
"The more you have, the more you can share and support others. The more abundance you allow into your life the more you help others allow abundance into theirs. You are fast becoming a shining light in the world. Yes, I know it has'nt always been easy. I also know that your challenges have helped you mature and grow. They have shaped you into the person you are. I have a hunch that you are ready to expand the light of abundance in your life. Am I right or what?"

Thursday, 19 April 2007

Are You Resisting God/Goddess's Plan for Your Life?

Steve's prosperity thought:
"Do you realise that you live in an abundant world where all your needs and wants are met? Well if not then you are resisting God/Goddess's plan for your life. Boy, you can be stubborn at times. Well would you like to live in a reality of abundance and joy? Yes, I know it is a tough question...OK great. Now consider your thoughts about what is stopping you living in such a reality all the time. Write them down if you like. And with each one ask yourself 'is this true'. For the ones you answer yes ask yourself 'how do I know this is true.' As you whittle away your reasoning for not living in an abundant reality you will find that all or most of your thinking will seem foolish or even ridiculous in the light of your enquiry."

Sue says:
"Hi Steve
Just want to say that of all the insights and messages I get daily yours is the one I never fail to find time to read. THANK YOU
Warmest, Sue"

Tuesday, 17 April 2007

You are always held........

You are a channel for the light. When you are a clear channel this light can flow through you and out into the world. Do not hoard your money for it will clog the channel. Do not think scarcity thoughts for it will begin to shut out the light through a cloud of fear. Stay open to being connected with the light of prosperity that shines through you today. You are always connected with Source energy and so do not concern yourself with petty fears about having enough. Dear friend you are always held and loved in the light. That's the good news, and now for the really good news, when you stabilise yourself in this light of prosperity others around you will feel uplifted and changed in your presence. Neat or what?
Sharon says:
"Dear Steve,
Wow. That was especially moving & wonderful. Thankyou for these daily thoughts which remind me to be present in the moment & to be thankful for all of the wonderful blessings that are bountiful in my life! Thank you for reminding me that in raising myself to consciously hold light & love & prosperity, others around me are also raised up & in turn, like a wave, others who I may never even meet will be likewise affected! What motivation!
Love, Thanks & Blessings to you,
Adeline says:
"Wow it feels as though you are speaking to me Steve, for scarcity thoughts do sometimes cloud my vision and thoughts especially when I have finsihed with clients and there are no new ones on the horizon apart from bills. Please tell me how to stay connected to this light of prosperity. I thank you once again for your patience and advice.
Steve replies:
"Dear Adeline,
Everyone has there own unique way of staying connected to the light. Some people do it through meditation, others through creativity, others through taking time out to walk in nature and others through taking action that engages them with the world. In all things the light shines through us when we are most at peace, most in harmony, most inspired in the world, most in love with another or something greater.
The question is one that only you can answer.

Sunday, 15 April 2007

Stabilising the Vibration of Abundance...........

Life is not about stumbling through your days hoping for a spot of good fortune here and there. Life is an opportunity for you to learn how to create abundance consistently in your life. It is fantastic when you learn how to create the odd miracle. Yet your Higher Self is calling you towards a reality you could call heaven on earth. In this reality where you are stabilised in a constant vibration of abundance.

Friday, 13 April 2007

Living in Scare City..........

In Scare City there is a particular mindset around money:

Being in Survival - the scarcity mindset keeps us worrying about our bills or diminishing savings. It takes our mind away from what we want to with our lives or for others and makes life a bank statement. When we have money we can breathe easy, we have staved the creditors from our door. When we have little money then it is as if the very air we breathe is in short supply. We start to breathe shallowly and focus on all kinds of nightmarish scenarios. We need money to live but linking money to survival keeps us playing very small in life and locked in a prison of our own making.

Power Struggle - In the scarcity mindset money equals power, not the kind that offers greater personal choice and opportunity, buit the kind that seeks more control and manipulation. Parents can manipulate their children and bosses can cajole their workers through the promise of more money or the threat of withdrawing money. Scarcity gives money the power to build or destroy friendships, enhance or crumble self-esteem. It can determine how relationships begin, continue, or end and sustain or topple nations.

The Love of Money - In the scarcity mindset money equals love. A parent can give money as a symbol of love. Some parents give money instead of love. In relationships the amount of money lavished on a partner is for some an indicator of the amount of love in a relationship. Although money can’t buy us love a diamond is still a girl’s best friend. A flashy car may get an ordinary man more sexual attention than he might get otherwise.

Where money buys self-worth. The scarecity mindset is one where we become more worthy the more money we have. The problem is when we spend money we are spending our self-worth. When we gain or lose money we are gaining or losing our self-worth. Our monthly salary then determines how worthy we feel.

Money equals success - In the scarcity mindset money is an indicator of success. The more successful, goes the thinking, the bigger the house, the grander the office, the more stylish the mobile phone and the expensive the clothes the more successful a person is assumed to be. Many not very financially successful people are very good at putting on the show of success.

Scarcity is a game we play where life speeds up. In this mindset we need to move faster and work harder for money. Money is a central issue in many people’s lives, how to get enough of it and how to keep hold of more of it. In this game money is at the centre of our lives. Other meaningful things such as family, friendships and life purpose get shoved to one side. Now is this the game you want to play????

How to Stop Procratinating.....

Samar asks: "I want to know how I can stop proscrastinating and feel great confidence at work and life."

Well I'm sure you will agree, that is quite a question. Here's what I said:
"Dear Samar,
That's quite a question you have asked there. Well here are a few pointers:

There are three principles to bear in mind about effective change:
1. Small changes are easier to commit to than massive leaps;
2. Small changes are easier to instigate and integrate;
2. Small changes add up to incredible change over time.

Also think about the following:
Are you doing things you want to do or are you just keeping busy?
Commit only to things that you have the time for;
Break all tasks into manageable chunks;
Schedule all important tasks into a realistic timetable;
Keep a diary for all appointments or tasks and check daily;
Learn to prioritise, and where necessary delegate;
Set daily and weekly goals;
Learn to say no;
Learn also to change your mind when necessary;
Let go of things that waste your time and energy.

Hope this helps.

Shopping Can Be a Spiritual Experience........

Here is another prosperity thought:
"For centuries material wealth has been seen as incompatible with spiritual awakening and growth. For awhile it was necessary for such a separation but now we do not need to live in a monastery to live a spiritual life nor do we need to deny material blessings. The good news is that you can both meditate and shop until you drop. Perhaps, if you are really enlightened, you will find a way to do both at the same time?"

Sally says:
"Yes you centre on the cavity of the original spirit makes shopping a spiritual experience -funny I haven't bought myself anything much for years and now I understand that its just about staying in the flow -thanks sx"

Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Do Something Perfectly Imperfect........

How about this prosperity thought:
Do not seek perfection in what you do. This will destroy all sense of inner peace. Rather seek imperfection in what you do. Then you can allow your journey to be a little unexpected, and a lot more fun. When you stop trying to do things perfectly then life truly can become a journey of self-discovery. Think it over. Today you could do something perfectly imperfect!

How Inspiring and Refreshing......

Antoinette says:
"I have just got back from holiday in Egypt and so am catching up on all the guiding wisdom of yours that greeted me in my email box. How inspiring and refreshing! Iknow that when I do go within and tap into my intuition, there is so much magic but then lifes events can toss one around and yes it then changes to a struggle! The secret we all know is to stay connected and to maintain it! Thank you for helping me and reminding me of such simple but profound principles.
Love and Light."

Monday, 9 April 2007

On Weekly Guidance..........

Rifa says:
"Thank you Steve for your weekly advice and guidance. Over the last few weeks, the right help has come in the form of business advice, new opportunities, windfalls and healing blockages. I feel the understated calm of these emails has helped me stay on track and keep my attention focused on the long-term and release worry about security and safety.
thanks again."

Friday, 6 April 2007


Diane says:
"Hi Steve
I'm not sure what's happening at the moment or rather I think its the universe getting you to prove things to me. Last week I had really strong feelings of freedom, something which I cherish dearly and something I felt that I had lost over the last few months.. I drove over to see a friend and felt an overwhelming sense of wholeness and freedom. The following day your thought of the day was on freedom!!!!!
My focus this week has been on trust and flow, both of these things have been areas for me to work on for a while now. This week I've totally gone with the flow and trusted the universe to deliver whatever is needed... So what do you do??? Send me two thoughts on flow and trust!
This morning I woke, looked around my flat and thanked God for the wonderful Reiki treatment he helped me to deliver last night, for my guide for his guidance and the universe for all of the good things in my life.
What happened then???? True to form your thought of the day is on saying thankyou.......
Thank you Steve for all of the support which you send you truly have no idea just how much it helps and how much I appreciate it..
Have a wonderful daym
Love and Blessings"

Another Prosperity Hero

On completing the 10-week prosperity course Luci says:
"Well, this is what I've found out about my self.......tie up loose ends.......there's strands going everywhere, damn it. Many thanks. And I have passed you onto friends, and have looked forward to every-day's thoughts and have made a little folio of them..........very inspiring........brilliant."

Thursday, 5 April 2007

Giving and Receiving

Steve's daily prosperity thought:
"Prosperity is about both giving and receiving. If only one activity is engaged with then true prosperity will not arise. Too much giving without receiving leads to self-sacrifice. Too much receiving without giving leads to self-centreness. The real question is can you both give and receive generously at the same time? Giving and receiving are the two poles of the battery. When you feel connected to both you will flow with the current of life."

Christine replies:
"My present job is about sacrifice, hence the reason to escape. Interesting that they are now going to have to employ two people for what I presently do. Contribution and receiving has to be equal. Recently I read one of the Dragon Dens views which particularly struck me. His view was that a manager should support their staff and the staff should support their manager. For
me I have been supporting the manager but do not get support back, which does not work.
Blessings Christine"

Wednesday, 4 April 2007


Steve's prosperity thought:
"Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, a psychology professor from the University of Chicago studied the lives of thousands of people for more than 30 years trying to discover what makes people's lives meaningful and satisfying. From his research he wrote a book called Flow. He says that flow
includes a narrowing of attention, a sense of being absorbed, and a feeling of transcendence. Any activity can lead to flow, playing a game, listening to music, engaging in a love affair or a job. Flow is nothing more than a meditation on life. The million dollar question is what activities in your life lead to flow?"

Diane replies:
"Hi Steve
Now you've really got me thinking! I flow when I dance, I throw myself into my work when I am there, I close off my mind when I go walking, I become absorbed when I'm doing Reiki, I flow when I meditate. This week my focus believe it or not and you probably will is on flowing...
I decided that I won't plan for the Easter Weekend that I will "go with the flow" This is not a natural thing for me to do as historically I would tend to plan for fear of being alone. I have total belief that if I don't want to be alone this weekend then I don't have to and if it's in my best interests to do so then I will find something to throw myself into whether it's going for a walk, writing, or something.
Something has changed this last couple of weeks I'm not sure what but there is definately something different about my feelings. Even the way that you are sending my prosperity thoughts is different. These thoughts are exactly what I'm currently focusing on. Last week my focus was freedom and my appreciation of the freedom which I have in my life and this week it's flowing! If ever I needed confirmation this is it...
Thanks again your support is truly inspirtational
Love and Blessings

Monday, 2 April 2007

The Money is Pouring In......

Dear Steve,
I am not sure if you can access and read replies to your emails, but just in case...
I wanted to thank you for all the emails I have received so far, and in particular for this one which has reminded me how it's OK that I have lived as I have done. And I wanted to let you know that it's not so much the content of the emails you send out as the fact that you are doing it, free of charge, just being the person you have been called to be, and giving what you feel moved to give, and trusting that the Universe will take care of you if you do-- it's all that that has given me that extra bit of courage I needed to start to do the same. Following inner guidance I am in the process of changing the nature of my business in what seemed like an incredibly risky way, and feeling so fulfilled as a result. And for the first time in my life, the money is pouring in, too.
Blessings on you! And enjoy the prosperity you are creating!

Taking an Easier Route.....

Steve's Prosperity Thought to Diane:
"Dear Diane,
Of course, Diane, you probably could have done something entirely different with your life. You could have taken an easier route, and avoided certain things and people, but then you would have missed out on some valuable experiences and life lessons and become an entirely different person. You know, all of your experiences and lessons have set you up for the journey you are about to take. It was the essential prerequisite for the success you are about to experience. I just knew that you would like to know.

Diane's reply:
"Hi Steve
You are absolutely right, I have taken to tough route throughout my life, but I have learned so many lessons along the way and gained so much courage and strength as a result of it.
The penny has finally dropped within me in as far as I now realise that I don't have to suffer to gain happiness. The lessons I have learned have made me a better listener with greater empathy. Over the last couple of weeks I have been able to put total trust in the universe, as always it has delivered exactly what I've asked for. My old friends have reappeared but instead of being bored with the same old conversations I have been in a position to question them and gentle coax them into thinking about the reasons why they feel the way that they do.. I went to a Mind body and spirit fair yesterday and for the first time in my life didn't feel the need to see a clairvoyant, the reason I didn't need to is because I now know that the universe will bring whatever I ask for if the vibrational frequency is right.. I don't need other people to guide me any more I have the answers within...
Steve this is a major turn round in my life, I'm happy and feel safe and loved! You're right I am about to go on a journey... Thank you so much for all of your help and support my life is definateley starting to turn a different corner.
Love and Blessings

Thursday, 29 March 2007

A Spiritual Dilemma.

Don says:
Hi Steve,
I am struggling to accept the the issue of vegiterianism and a non-alcohol existence. The Hare Krishna movement says that you must not eat meat or drink alcohol etc. Although I can go along with their philosophy, the above issues I find unacceptable. I am 72 years old, and for about 35/40 years have been seeking answers to questions regarding the reasons why I am on this planet etc. I drink socially which means that I drink maybe one or two pints of beer a week, sometimes this stretches to a pint in two weeks, so I am not an alcoholic by any stretch of the imagination! All my life I have eaten meat and fish, and at the ripe old age of 72 I don't want to change things. I am doing a Hare Krishna e-course at present but feel a bit of a fraud by reading the text each day, taking part by answering the set questions, but persisting to consume meat and alcohol, and omitting to chant 16 rounds of the Hare Krishna mantra before sunrise, or indeed any other time!
Please advise me on this issue and give me your views.
Sent with kindest regards, Don

Steve replies:
Dear Don,
You have presented an interesting dilemma. I guess my question would be why are you doing the Hare Krishna e-course in the first place? If you are after a spiritual practice there are many that do not demand that you become vegetarian or give up drinking. I am vegetarian and I do not drink, although that is my choice. If I was told to do it my heart probably would not be in it in the same way. Also you do not seem very motivated to chant 16 rounds mantra before sunrise. If you can work out what you are really after then you might find a better way to accomplish this. There are many choices available today in the UK that were not available say 25 years ago. You could always stop doing the course now! Sounds like you have anyway. There is always a better way. Hope this helps.

Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Much Good Chi..........

From Francis:

Hi Steve,
Now this will make you laugh I've never stood up for myself before always given in to what everyone else wants in life and I had a dishwasher and it nearly caught fire a few weeks ago - in the past I would just have shrugged my shoulders moaned a bit and bought a new one- so I decided to change tack I very quietly asked the universe that the manufacturers would replace my new machine not only have they done that with a better model but now are falling over themselves to compensate me for the inconveinience of not working on two days to sort the problem.

So lets see since I contacted you I've had my father give me £3,000 Ive been offered a job of a lifetime running a charity with someone who is as creative as me - I've also done some teaching as I love doing that....

Funny thing is its all given me quite a shock I was so used to thinking that the universe wouldnt give me what I needed -thats the bit that takes some adjusting to.

Much good chi.

A Cosmic Question......

From: Anand
Hi Steve,

Question for you. I am trying to reconcile coming into a recognition of I-am in moments of stillness and silence, even walking down the street and dawning on me that it really is ever present ... as all the worlds mystics maintain ...

and at the same time, it currently feels to me like all this work on abundance stuff flying around at the moment IS in a nutshell reduced to 'I'll be happy when' and always having to feel good about one's image of oneself as moving away from / or built on a base of 'there's something missing' which I have had moments of realising is the single thing that arises in awareness that seems to be the most compelling illusion that there is actually something wrong ??? I guess as Byron Katie would say ... Can you absolutely know etc. etc.

Anyway, not sure if that is even a question,

If there is a question, it's how do I integrate/reconcile these two seemingly (to me) oppositional view points? My mortgage advisor said having nothing is the happiest he's ever been, or as he put it "I've never been more wealthy than when I have absolutely nothing"

any thoughts are welcome, all the best,

From Steve:
Hi Anand,

A cosmic question indeed!

I will do my best to answer. In my experience mystical moments come to help us break through our everyday consciousness into a deeper and more expansive understanding and experience of reality. We may have been living a very ordinary life and then suddenly we are hit by a new awareness, perhaps through a meditation or silent retreat or some other extra-ordinary happening. Spirit breaks through and suddenly touches our consciousness. This is of course wonderful and blissful. Here we start to lose our concerns about mundane reality. This is something to be savored and integrated as much as possible. This is usually a matter of years rather than months. It is something that cannot be rushed. It is a precious and important time. This can be a time of shedding and letting go of material things that no longer feel important. We may feel like retreating from the world for a while.

Sometime during this process may begin a period of integration and bridging between the spiritual and ordinary worlds. Here a new relationship with the material can be forged. The material no longer dominates the senses. There may be an inner impulse towards starting something meaningful, making a difference, or serving some higher purpose in a tangible and practical way. Inner and outer resources are awakened for this work. Here we engage with the world rather than retreat from the world.

These processes are not completely distinct but overlap.
Anyway that is how I have experienced it thus far.
Ask me next week and you might get a different answer.
Hope it helps.

Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Face it.....the Universe Loves You

Ahhh you're a sweetheart! These things are starting to work...
Thank you!

From: Prosperity Thoughts
Sent: 27 March 2007 06:00

Dear Yasmin,
If I had only one thing peice of advice I could give you about prosperity it would be to start affirming to yourself that you do indeed live in a safe, supportive and abundant universe. Might as well face it, the universe love's you! Well you might as well open to recieve it by saying thank you.

Friday, 23 March 2007

What Did I Say???

you are so lovely:) I love it when you say yes.
You don't need to respond, thats not what Im writing for, but my heart is just overflowing and you speak with the voice of a beautiful tempter into the ecstasy of joyfull life.... this is not a come on, by the way, I am in a very happy multiple relationship, and perhaps thats what makes my heart overflow and see beauty everywhere that I just really so want to appreciate.
Thank you for your Love filled messages that you are spreading around into people's hearts and opening us up to abundance, abundance, abundance..... You are doing a wondefull job!
xx Hana:))

Well, what did I say in my prosperity thoughts to make Hana so overflowing.....

"Well a friend of mine was unhappy with his office. His office was expensive, and in a noisy part of town. He wanted to move and began to listen into his intuition. Within a few weeks he felt an unusual impulse to explore a certain part of town. Yes, you guessed it, he then found a place that was quieter, nicer, with an office space three times as big, yet 40% cheaper than his existing office. Not only that it was closer to home and also near a large park. Just by trusting and following his intuition he saved thousands of pounds in the following couple of years. Want to give it a go?"

Rainbow of Light.....

I just wanted to say thank you for these daily messages. Having just returned from London after another stressful week in work, reading these messages and particularly this one helps to inspire me and brings a smile to my face! I'll start manifesting a major dream in the morning...or may even start tonight! Thanks again. Carole.

Well dear Carole, I'm glad you liked your prosperity thought. Just in case you missed this one here it is again:

"Dear Carole, Well dear Carole it has been a pleasure having you along thus far on this prosperity journey. As a special treat how about joining me in a manifesting exercise? Yes, great....all you need do is spend a couple of minutes in the morning visualising a rainbow of light pouring down around you from above. In this light imagine you can let go of all your cares and worries. Now think of one dream you would like to happen. Not any old dream, one you feel really passionate about and one you are willing to manifest on the earth. Now take this dream and release it up to the rainbow. See it floating away up into the heavens on this rainbow of light.Let me tell you a secret You and hundreds of others have joined together in a glorious burst of rainbow light. Nothing like tuning into free energy!"

Some Miracles are Slower Than Others!!!

"Hi Steve, Sorry not to have been in touch for ages. I hope this finds you well. Thank you for ALL the help. You might remember that when I met you in London , I had just bought a little pink book to record my desires! On 10th January I wrote in it a detailed description of my ideal man. Well, I thought I must tell you that 3 weeks ago he appeared exactly, as I had asked, right down to the smallest detail – how about that? I am ecstatic about him, (and he about me). Must go now. Thank you again. Suzanne"

Well, this just shows that some miracles are just slower than others!

Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Gratitude Goes a Long Way

Today spend some time being grateful for all the things you have manifested that you really like or love. Yes you can include that organsmic moment. And yes you can include that trip to the shops where you bought that gorgeous thing. How about being grateful for that moment when you first realised that the universe was a magical dimension. You know the time you stopped and understood that the universe was your friend and really did care about your dreams.

Saturday, 17 March 2007

Show Me The Money!!!!

Dear Steve
Thanks for a great Prosperity Connection on Wednesday - I really enjoyed it! I'm the same Claire who wrote to you a few weeks back about feeling guilty around money / work / debt etc and who shared with the group my experience pursuing work though employment agencies when all the results are actually saying 'try something else', so the trying something else was telling the group that I'm looking for work! It felt very empowering!
Two people came up to me at the end to ask about doing some work for them, but both were worried about being able to pay on reflection I wondered what was going off there and if they were mirroring my own worries back to me? Maybe so!
This morning I realised I also need to be more specific and say I want to earn good money / get paid well for my work etc.
I have some bills to pay very shortly and a family constellation workshop next weekend (similar to the Essence Foundation work you mentioned. It feels like an important opportunity to help clear some old family patterns around work/money/debt etc).
So I've put an intention out - to SHOW ME THE MONEY and have £100 by Monday and another £200 by Friday to pay for these things. I'm trying not to get hung up on the 'how's'.

I'm not sure why this has come up but it felt important to write to you and Davide about all this (I've just finished a message to him), and something else said to share with you the results from a "Strengthsfinder" exercise I did last year. My top 5 strengths came out as follows:

: These people are intrigued with the unique qualities for each person. They have a gift for figuring out how people who are different can work together productively.

Maximizer:These people focus on strengths as a way to stimulate personal and group excellence. They seek to transform something strong into something superb.

Connectedness: People strong in this theme have faith in the links between all things. They believe there are few coincidences and that almost every event has a reason.

Strategic: People with this theme create alternative ways to proceed. Faced with any given scenario, they can quickly spot the relevant patterns and issues.

Input:These people have a craving to know more. Often they like to collect and archive all kinds of information.

I love all these strengths - they are very "me"!!! I feel like things are starting to shift and new steps being taken towards finding & doing work I love, earning money and clearing my debt, but here's still a lot of fog and confusion around (I know confusion can be helpful though!), so if there's anything else that comes to you it would be great to hear about. Thank you! Claire

Steve's response: Hi Claire, Good to meet you at the group.
How about getting some work that does pay you some money? Seems fair enough!
By the way these are certainly great strengths.
I would say how about getting a little clearer on what you want to show up in your life? You know intention works best when it is both specific and open. Specific in that you give the universe some information and direction on what you want, and open to how that is delivered to you.
I would also say try and avoid setting yourself up for failure by setting overly tight deadlines. I have seen this one compound a lot of upset. Rather see the outcome you want. See yourself completing the seminar for instance. Practice small wins. Remember small achievable steps are easier than larger leaps of faith. If the time is not right now, then the universe will bring it to you at another time.

Hope this is helpful.

Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Prosperity and Self-Hate Patterns

Prosperity Thought - "Prosperity is like a tree with strong roots in the ground and tall leafy
branches that reach up to the sun. First and foremost we need to know how to
nourish and take care of our physical needs. Then we will have a firm
foundation to address our emotional, mental and spiritual needs and wants."

Sho responded:
"Dear Steve,
I'm really enjoying your Prosperity Thoughts. However, this last one is one I feel the need to call you on. I am speaking here of personal experience, as someone who was severely abused as a child, emotionally, and sexually. ......this abuse, has caused in me a tremendous difficulty in being able to care for my physical needs, because the effects of the emotional and sexual abuse on me are causing a need to annihilate my own physical being. So I don't think that there can be a blanket, general statement over this. There are many people who have been so abused that they cannot attend to their physical needs until they learn to love themselves. As they learn to love themselves, so comes the caring for the physical body. I just felt the need to share this with you. Kindest regards - Sho"

My response:"Dear Sho,
Thank you for sharing something so deeply personal. The prosperity thoughts are intended to serve people at many levels, one of these is to help shake loose what is standing in the way of living a joyful and successful life. From what you have said it sounds like you did not get the nourishment and support you needed as a child, and worst you received abuse instead. This may have created self-hate patterns within you and therefore you are spot on in saying that self-love is the antidote.
People tend to internalise abuse and create the meaning that somehow all of these experiences were their fault. As children we naturally do this. We also create various parts to protect the wounded child. If you really want to work on these issues I can recommend Essence Seminars that have an amazing course for dealing with such issues in a safe and loving environment. They run courses in London. If you want to give them a call their number is 0208 883 2888. "

Sunday, 4 March 2007

A Painting is Never Finished

" A painting is never finished, it simply stops in interesting places."
- Paul Gardner

When Jane heard this she emailed me saying:
"Dear Steve,
Thank you for your wonderful words of wisdom that up-lift and teach me something new each day. May you go from strength to strength creating happiness and giving hope around the world....thank you love Jane"

Wednesday, 28 February 2007

I Love the Book

"Hi Steve I am over half way through your book on Prosperity and have to say its one of the most grounded, and practical books I have read on the subject! (Believe me I have read a few -including the secret) As a counsellor and a medium passionately interested in spiritual development I feel you have got the right mix. After all the information needs to be practical!! - Gillian"

Off to Havana!!!!

"Just wanted to let you know this prosperity thing is working already. I have wanted to go to Cuba for ages, before Fidel dies, and have been panicing recently as it looks like he could go any minute. I decided at the beginning of the month that I would go but I didnt know how as I was skint. On Valentines day I received a cheque for enough and a bit more to go. Hooray! So I'm off to Havana for a couple of weeks. I will miss the next prosperity workshop which is a shame but maybe you could let me know what exercises you do in it? Thank you thank you thank you
Natasha x"