Wednesday, 4 April 2007


Steve's prosperity thought:
"Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, a psychology professor from the University of Chicago studied the lives of thousands of people for more than 30 years trying to discover what makes people's lives meaningful and satisfying. From his research he wrote a book called Flow. He says that flow
includes a narrowing of attention, a sense of being absorbed, and a feeling of transcendence. Any activity can lead to flow, playing a game, listening to music, engaging in a love affair or a job. Flow is nothing more than a meditation on life. The million dollar question is what activities in your life lead to flow?"

Diane replies:
"Hi Steve
Now you've really got me thinking! I flow when I dance, I throw myself into my work when I am there, I close off my mind when I go walking, I become absorbed when I'm doing Reiki, I flow when I meditate. This week my focus believe it or not and you probably will is on flowing...
I decided that I won't plan for the Easter Weekend that I will "go with the flow" This is not a natural thing for me to do as historically I would tend to plan for fear of being alone. I have total belief that if I don't want to be alone this weekend then I don't have to and if it's in my best interests to do so then I will find something to throw myself into whether it's going for a walk, writing, or something.
Something has changed this last couple of weeks I'm not sure what but there is definately something different about my feelings. Even the way that you are sending my prosperity thoughts is different. These thoughts are exactly what I'm currently focusing on. Last week my focus was freedom and my appreciation of the freedom which I have in my life and this week it's flowing! If ever I needed confirmation this is it...
Thanks again your support is truly inspirtational
Love and Blessings

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