Friday, 14 March 2008

Do Not Fight the Negative....

Do not fight the negative, however you perceive it. Do not fight with negative thoughts or emotions. Do not fight with negative people. What you resist persists. If you fight something then you are feeding it your energy. It is unwise to enter such a struggle.

The truly wise person seeks joyful growth not conflict. If you are fighting with reality then simply stop and withdraw your focus and find something more worthwhile to contend with. Of course your negative thinking will simply wither if you stop feeding it. And your negative opponent will not like the fact that you stop showing up. They will no doubt conclude that you are no fun at all and are no longer worth playing with.


You Can Make a Different Choice.....

Now although I would not call myself a positive thinker I have learnt to focus my thinking towards the kinds of activities or situations I really want to think about. It is a strange thing that we can get caught up in thinking about things that give us pain and misery. When we are thinking about those things we can start to become a pain to be around.

Now it is possible to start living in a loving and supportive universe but only if you think so. Thinking habitually creates beliefs. Beliefs create reality. In this world of over 6 billion people there are over 6 billion different realities. Some people choose a joyful reality and then this becomes a habit. After a while they do not need to keep making the choice for joy it just kinda happens. The real question is which reality are you choosing? If it is one you do not like then somewhere you have made a choice and it has become a habit in your thinking. The good news is that it is never to late to make a different choice.


Today You Can Face the Truth....

Today I am going to ask you to face the truth. The past has no power over you. I know this runs counter to what many therapists believe but still I am going to say to you that the past is over, and only the present moment exists. Now some people choose to replay the past over and over in their minds and wonder why the same patterns keep popping up in the present. The good news is that today you can choose a different future, one that is radically more joyful than the past.

The real question is to what degree you can let go of your past? This does not mean letting go of the lessons and teachings of the past. It means letting go of the struggle of the past. The freer you are from the struggle of your past the easier it will be to step into a radically more joyful future.


Happiness is the Natural State of Things...

Happiness is the natural state of things. It takes a lot of practise and energy to be miserable and I have no idea why some people prefer misery to happiness. It is no doubt one of the great mysteries of the universe. You might have noticed that life tends to naturally move towards happy outcomes. This is because at the root of what most people desire, whether that be a house, a fancy car, or an adventurous holiday, is happiness. People do not tend to desire things that make them unhappy (unless they are part of the band of people that practise daily misery).

Want a challenge? OK, today why not do something that makes you happy. It can be anything. If you succeed in this one small task then and only then can you do something to help another person feel happy.


Give Some Space to Your Dreams....

Did you know that you are capable of achieving everything you have ever dreamed of creating in your life? Oh yes you are! I know this is a big statement but it is something that I know to be true. I just want to share the good news with you. Ok you want a little more information. The first thing t know is that some dreams are a bigger stretch than others. The trick is to work on creating the smaller ones so that you can build your self-belief and skills in creating the bigger ones.

How about giving some space to your dreams today? Go on, bring them out into the daylight and take a look at them. Take a look at the big ones and the small ones. How would it feel to be living them at some point in the future? Do not wait too long to realise them. String your dreams together and put some energy today in creating them. I can hear some of you ask why. Well dear friend, because although life is gorgeous life is also finite.


You Do Not Have to Replay the Past.....

You know the last thing you want to do is create a future that is merely a replay of your past. Even if you have had a fantastic past you might find doing the same stuff over again in your future a little tedious. The good news is that you do not have to project any aspect of your past into your future if you do not want to. You are always free to dream up something amazing you have never done before.

Today take a couple of minutes to think about one amazing thing you would love to happen this year. Now the important thing in this exercise is the feeling that the thought evokes. If you are not shaking with joy then either the vision is not inspiring enough or you are having thoughts that are negating the joy of the desired future. If you can spend just a few minutes a day increasing your joy and possibility quota then this will add up to a tremendous attracting force over just a few months. Just thought you might like to know!


Do You Believe in Money?

If you stop to think for a moment you will find that you hold beliefs around your ability (or lack of ability) to earn money and be successful in the world. When you were young you naturally adopted some of the thinking patterns of people you loved or respect in your family. As you grew up you adopted the thinking patterns of people you thought knew more than you did about how the world operates.

One thing that could turn your world around is to question what you believe. If a belief is working for you then fantastic, keep it in place. If a belief is working against you then you must begin to hold that belief up to the light of enquiry and shatter it absolutely. Nature abhors a vacuum so when you let go of a belief you need to reverse it and choose a more optimistic and hopeful belief to replace it. Yes, you can consciously choose your beliefs. Reality becomes so much more fun when you do.


Value and values...

The word 'value' originally meant the worth of something, most often in the financial sense. The use of the term broadened in the 19th century under the influence of thinkers and philosophers such as Friedrich Nietzsche.

Now we have the term 'values' which is a word describing our deepest yearnings. Values can also be called our authentic truth. There is generally accepted formula which says: If you have the things you want then you can do the things you like and then you will feel happy. This formula maintains our consumerist society.

There is another formula that is quite different. It says: If you value who you truly are, then you can act authentically in the world and then you will create what you truly want. Which one do you choose?

Monday, 21 January 2008


Here is a prosperity thought for you:

It is important to get clear about this issue of self-worth if you want to live a joyful, prosperous and successful life. If you are not clear what you have to offer is worth neither will other people. Hoping that other people will see your value before you do is false hope. It is not up to other people to guess how much you are worth. The message here is that you must know your self-worth and then other people will know it.

If you do not feel very worthy then you might want to consider addressing this area sooner rather than later. If you do not feel worthy then you have probably accepted some very limiting ideas about yourself. These ideas exist now in how you think about yourself, your strengths or lack of them, and your goals, or lack of them. Issues of worthiness are not about what happened to you in your past. It is not about your childhood or your adolescent years. The child and adolescent still exist in you now. A lack of self-worth comes from what you tell yourself is true about you in the present. You want to know the truth? OK, you asked for are a talented and gorgeous being and you had better get used to it.