Friday, 14 March 2008

Do You Believe in Money?

If you stop to think for a moment you will find that you hold beliefs around your ability (or lack of ability) to earn money and be successful in the world. When you were young you naturally adopted some of the thinking patterns of people you loved or respect in your family. As you grew up you adopted the thinking patterns of people you thought knew more than you did about how the world operates.

One thing that could turn your world around is to question what you believe. If a belief is working for you then fantastic, keep it in place. If a belief is working against you then you must begin to hold that belief up to the light of enquiry and shatter it absolutely. Nature abhors a vacuum so when you let go of a belief you need to reverse it and choose a more optimistic and hopeful belief to replace it. Yes, you can consciously choose your beliefs. Reality becomes so much more fun when you do.


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