Sunday, 29 April 2007

The Manifesting Power of Your Thoughts.........

Prosperity thought:
"You do not have to slay the dragon of scarcity in order to reach the pinnacle of prosperity. Every day you may have some scarcity thoughts, but do not worry. These thoughts have little real power to cause you any real harm. these thoughts are disconnected from Source and from reality. When you feel connected with Source then your thoughts will have real generative power. One prosperity thought can then ripple out and powerfully touch your world. Sound interesting?"

Sue says:
"Not sure if I agree with this one Steve. I think the opposite is true. It is at odds with a question I need answering: Why is it that you need to repeat the positive many times to make it come true but negative thoughts seem to be more powerful and don’t need as much repetition to materialise! ?

My reply:
"Dear Sue,
It is all about belief. Limiting thoughts are the product of limiting beliefs and visa versa. The challenge is not that limiting ideas have any real strength but that the vast majority of people are influenced by them through the media or really believe in them.
In magical terms if you are working with a positive idea then you are working white magic, you benefit and others do also. If you are working with a negative idea then you are working black magic and the consequences are always that you suffer and other people suffer. In terms of manifesting power I heard a spiritual teacher say this some years ago and I struggled with it. It takes a lot more energy to manifest something negative because it is going against the natural order of the universe. One person working positively in a focused way can transform the scattered negativity of many people.
Just think about an individual that radiated uplifting wisdom, like the Buddha or Christ or Gandhi or Martin Luther King. They all experienced violent opposition but there ideas and wisdom has impacted millions and lasted the test of time. There ideas have been integrated into many cultures. Then take a powerful and charismatic individual who spoke of a more limiting hateful and violent philosophy, like Hitler, Genghis Khan or any other tyrant. They may have touched millions of people with their philosophy of hate but few people believe in that philosophy and no culture that adopted their ideas managed to last very long.
Negativity is a bit like going into the gym and learning how to awaken the light of consciousness. This is a world of polarity and also duality. Polarity is part of the natural order of the universe, light/dark, day/night, male/female. Duality is about the artificial construct of good/bad, right/wrong. This has been set up to help us grow until we no longer need them. In the system of Cabbala there are both angels of qualities and angels of vices. The angels of vices are there to help us appreciate and develop the qualities of real awakening and consciousness. They are part of the great game of 3rd dimensional existence. The natural order of the universe is always towards the evolution of consciousness even when it does not seen so.
Hope this is helpful.
This is just my truth now!!!!

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