Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Prosperity and Self-Hate Patterns

Prosperity Thought - "Prosperity is like a tree with strong roots in the ground and tall leafy
branches that reach up to the sun. First and foremost we need to know how to
nourish and take care of our physical needs. Then we will have a firm
foundation to address our emotional, mental and spiritual needs and wants."

Sho responded:
"Dear Steve,
I'm really enjoying your Prosperity Thoughts. However, this last one is one I feel the need to call you on. I am speaking here of personal experience, as someone who was severely abused as a child, emotionally, and sexually. ......this abuse, has caused in me a tremendous difficulty in being able to care for my physical needs, because the effects of the emotional and sexual abuse on me are causing a need to annihilate my own physical being. So I don't think that there can be a blanket, general statement over this. There are many people who have been so abused that they cannot attend to their physical needs until they learn to love themselves. As they learn to love themselves, so comes the caring for the physical body. I just felt the need to share this with you. Kindest regards - Sho"

My response:"Dear Sho,
Thank you for sharing something so deeply personal. The prosperity thoughts are intended to serve people at many levels, one of these is to help shake loose what is standing in the way of living a joyful and successful life. From what you have said it sounds like you did not get the nourishment and support you needed as a child, and worst you received abuse instead. This may have created self-hate patterns within you and therefore you are spot on in saying that self-love is the antidote.
People tend to internalise abuse and create the meaning that somehow all of these experiences were their fault. As children we naturally do this. We also create various parts to protect the wounded child. If you really want to work on these issues I can recommend Essence Seminars that have an amazing course for dealing with such issues in a safe and loving environment. They run courses in London. If you want to give them a call their number is 0208 883 2888. "

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