Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Much Good Chi..........

From Francis:

Hi Steve,
Now this will make you laugh I've never stood up for myself before always given in to what everyone else wants in life and I had a dishwasher and it nearly caught fire a few weeks ago - in the past I would just have shrugged my shoulders moaned a bit and bought a new one- so I decided to change tack I very quietly asked the universe that the manufacturers would replace my new machine not only have they done that with a better model but now are falling over themselves to compensate me for the inconveinience of not working on two days to sort the problem.

So lets see since I contacted you I've had my father give me £3,000 Ive been offered a job of a lifetime running a charity with someone who is as creative as me - I've also done some teaching as I love doing that....

Funny thing is its all given me quite a shock I was so used to thinking that the universe wouldnt give me what I needed -thats the bit that takes some adjusting to.

Much good chi.

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