Friday, 23 March 2007

What Did I Say???

you are so lovely:) I love it when you say yes.
You don't need to respond, thats not what Im writing for, but my heart is just overflowing and you speak with the voice of a beautiful tempter into the ecstasy of joyfull life.... this is not a come on, by the way, I am in a very happy multiple relationship, and perhaps thats what makes my heart overflow and see beauty everywhere that I just really so want to appreciate.
Thank you for your Love filled messages that you are spreading around into people's hearts and opening us up to abundance, abundance, abundance..... You are doing a wondefull job!
xx Hana:))

Well, what did I say in my prosperity thoughts to make Hana so overflowing.....

"Well a friend of mine was unhappy with his office. His office was expensive, and in a noisy part of town. He wanted to move and began to listen into his intuition. Within a few weeks he felt an unusual impulse to explore a certain part of town. Yes, you guessed it, he then found a place that was quieter, nicer, with an office space three times as big, yet 40% cheaper than his existing office. Not only that it was closer to home and also near a large park. Just by trusting and following his intuition he saved thousands of pounds in the following couple of years. Want to give it a go?"

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