Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Two Different Strategies.......

When it comes to moving through the world there are two different paths you can take. One is following the herd, which means following the example of another, perhaps a successful parent, or a gang of peers who have something cutting edge to teach you. It is worth knowing that this strategy can lead to easy success and also lots of emotional and practical support when things do not quite work out.

The other way is to avoid the herd and go it alone. This means avoiding other people's strategies for success and finding your own way, your own creative edge. It is worth knowing that this way is less supportive but more vigorous in activating inner resources for overcoming adversity. Some of the most financially successful people in the world use this strategy.

The good news is that neither strategy is better than the other. You may find that your way to success is through adopting one of these ways. Would you like a little advice? OK, you asked for it. You could always be radical and use either depending on the situation or your gut feeling. How will you know which one is right? By the results you produce. If one is not working then you could always try out the opposite strategy.


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