Sunday, 22 July 2007

State Control.......

Everyday we go through a certain range of internal states. These will vary from person to person. We can move from a state of peace, to anxiety, to bliss, to busyness, to hope, to despair in a day. Some of these states seem positive and enjoyable and others seem unpleasant and limiting. Our state not only affects how we feel, it affects how we behave. Certain states are great for acheiving certain things, for example curiosity is great for learning, calmness is great for dealing with pressure, confidence is great for doing something new and a sense of focus is great for performing action. Most people experience their state as something that just happens to them, they do not realise that they can influence their state.
NLP places great emphasis on state management. You can influence your state through being more aware of what puts you in a great state and what triggers a limiting state. For instance certain music can alter your state, as can a powerful affirmation, or engaging in dance, or doing some form of meditation.
The million dollar question is, what internal state would best help you acheive your desired outcomes? If you know the answer to this question and you also know what helps to induce such states, then you have already gone a long way towards acheiving your desired goals.


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