Thursday, 19 July 2007

A Story to Share.........

Jo emailed me this story:
"Thank you! I have a funny story to share...I have spent all my life persuing healing and creative paths because I imagined I was great with people. Anyway, since doing Essence (a personal development seminar based in London) I found myself at the end of my tether with my boss who was in learning and development and a psychologist and an author and got myself into a place with no money no job.
Not great, but instead of following my imagined path for a moment longer, I realised I needed to explore other ways to prosper. Well, I got a temping job in the straightest but largest bank in the world...guess what, I love it! It is so straight that people's real nature cannot but shine out, and there are a zillion relationships to build and my boss has asked me to stay and to be aware that they offer brilliant management training paths as well as nice bonus your email was very timely!!! It is not too late for me at nearly 42 to find myself very firmly with my feet on the ground with great prospects.....
x Jo"

I recommend the Essence course to many of my clients. If you are interested goto


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