Sunday, 17 June 2007

Some Strange Ideas about Money

Sometimes there is a belief running about money that says if I really hate what I do then I deserve to be well paid for it because it is so hard. Then the contra belief goes, if I really love what I do then it is wrong to accept money for it. Some people have the even stranger idea that even if I work hard I will still receive little money.
When I was working in banking in the City I had a large zone for money flowing through my hands and an almost negligible zone for earning money joyfully. When I left Banking and worked in local government my zone shifted a few degrees in that I could then earn money more joyfully. The first time I received money for doing something I absolutely loved it felt like a sacrilege. As if the money would somehow taint the purity of the thing I loved. I accepted the money and really looked at this belief I had about money coming to me through the things I did not particularly like doing. Now all the money I earn comes to me through joyful means. If you can shift this one idea about money then your whole work life can shift also. Can you imagine doing work that you love, that you have a talent for, and that you can receive ample reward for doing? As you can imagine so shall you create!


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