Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Prosperity is a Verb not a Noun..........

If you want prosperity do not look for it in the world of the serious. Also do not look for it in any material thing. Prosperity cannot be found in any balance sheet or accountancy report. Real prosperity is found in the things that have the lightest of touch. Prosperity is found in the dance and flow of life. It exists in the space between things.

Prosperity is really a verb and not a noun. Prosperity is generated by your being and doing. It does not come from what you own. If you get out into the world and really take a look you will find prosperity in the things that touch you deeply. Prosperity can be found almost anywhere. If you look in nature you will find it. If you visit a simple community in the developing world you will find it. Do not look for prosperity in any serious activity. Go out and explore the magical, mystical and spiritual dimensions of life. If you want to know about prosperity then get out and play!

Blessings, Steve

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