Monday, 3 September 2007

Seeing a Different World...............

You know, do'nt you, that the world you see is not real? No! What do they teach people in schools nowadays? The world you see around you is, of course, the one you think it is. Whether you see a world of love or hate, prosperity or lack, joy or misery is up to you. It depends upon what you believe about your world. Your conscious mind is always on the lookout for the data that is in accordance with your beliefs. All other sensory data is ignored, or distorted or interpreted in the light of what you believe. Therefore people see different worlds. Some people primarily live in a world of celebration, love, hope, joy and support and others live primarily in a world of anxiety, confusion, doubt, fear, procrastination.

Everyone has an opinion about the world, and that includes you. You already have a map of reality inside your head that is not the same as the world you see. This map alters and distorts the world you see. If you believe in a world of conflict and hate then that is the world you will see and experience. If you believe in a world of hope and love then that is the world you will see and experience.

It is up to you how you choose to see the world. No-one os going to change your mind for you. You could take off those glasses you are wearing and try on a different pair! That would be interesting do'nt you think? Then again you could just keep doing what you are doing and pray for a miracle!

Want to try something different today? OK, as you look around you, you will notice that the world you see is different in some way. Today look out for the things you appreciate and love in the world. I predict then that you will see more warmth, joy, light and magic, just because you are looking for it.

Blessings, Steve

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