Tuesday, 8 May 2007

There is Nothing to Fear.....Is There?

Prosperity Thought:
"There is nothing to fear. All your most frightful thoughts about your reality are just thoughts. If you can change your thoughts then you will transform your level of fear. Mnnnn..decisions, decisions!"

Soheila replies:
"Thank you Steve. But if the thoughts have turned into reality, and
one is on the brink of losing one's home, bills unpaid etc etc
Thank you"

Steve says:
"Dear Soheila,
Then you must deal with that reality as best as you can and unplug the reasons for creating it. One of the pitfalls is going into self-blame, self-attack and comparison. The thinking goes thus "well if I have created this reality then I must be a bad kind of a person". Such thinking will compound the problem. Whatever your reality the best thing you can do is accept your circumstances and do what you can first practically and then later from an energy and consciousness level.

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