Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Devilishly Good!!!

Steve says: "Prosperity is not necessarily about living an easy life. Prosperity will call you to go towards the edge of limitation and also possibility. This makes prosperity into the way of the hero. Fancy a little trek into uncharted territory? Go on, I dare you. "

Hana replies: Dear Steve,
I'm sorry but I have to say this again - your quotes really turn me on!!!:)))))))
I mean this in the nicest possible way - its in the spirit of this last one : "fancy a little trek...? Go on, I dare you.." You are quite devilish in your remarks, you know?:)))))
I have been enjoying many amazing changes in my life in the last few months, something Id call "turning up my vibrational rate" in the new age speak. This includes going from a well ingrained poverty consciousness to being open to something quite extraordinary...
I wanted to again express my gratitude for your e-course and the daily thoughts, which I'm loving and valuing highly:)
Best wishes showered in prosperous and luscious energy,
xx Hana

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