Monday, 5 February 2007

Manifesting, how do I do it?

Elizabeth sent me an email today saying:

'Hi Steve, I just love your Prosperity Thoughts and Bubbles. The story about your new apartment is very inspiring to me. I wish you oceans of happiness and ever so much abundance and joy to enjoy in your new home. I live in a council flat in Dalston Junction and would love to live in a new home with vibes which resonate with my nature. How do I do it? I read you Prosperity Thoughts often and they are so encouraging for me.
Many thanks and best wishes, Elizabeth'

My reply is as follows:

Hi Eliza,
Thank you for your lovely message.
We lived in a lovely house in Somerford Grove Estate, which is near the Rio cinema, for nearly 5 years. We previously lived in a one bedroom flat near Church Street (which we love). We manifested the house through getting clear on what we wanted, doing some visualizing exercises and prayers to the universe. Then one morning my partner had a dream that told her to go to a particular estate agent. She did and we found that house. After living there for 4 years we felt it was time for a change. We wanted a beautiful place, preferably near a canal or some body of water. We visualized it and also went to look in lots of estate agent windows. We visited a few places although they were way beyond our budget. Then after a few twists and turns eventually the miracle happened and when we found out about this flat we both knew it was for us.

The key to any change is to build up a dream and desire for it. This dream must come from the heart rather than the head. Heartfelt dreams are those in alignment with your soul’s vision for your life. If the dream comes from the head it can be disconnected from your feelings, and your true vision. Then engage the head and begin to visualize the thing or event, even if you cannot yet see how it could happen. You need to have a strong sensory picture or feeling or sense for the vision. The next step is to surrender the vision to the universe. Just let it go. Then take some steps that allow it to come to you. Some things are of course easier to manifest than others. Persistence and perseverance are great keys. Also taking one step at a time, and never giving up.

If you want a great book on manifesting then Gill Edwards ‘Living Magically’ is great as is Esther and Jerry Hicks ‘The Law of Attraction’. If you need support in manifesting I am beginning a prosperity group this coming Wednesday. For more info go to

Go well and happy dreams.

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